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Shadow Hearts: From the New World Original Soundtracks

Shadow Hearts: From the New World Original Soundtracks

シャドウハーツ フロム・ザ・ニュー・ワールド オリジナル・サウンドトラックス
Release DateAug 24, 2005
Artists Akiko Shikata, Hirotomi Imoto, Ryo Fukuda, Tomoko Imoto, Yoshitaka Hirota
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsPlayStation 2
GamesShadow Hearts: From the New World
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Disc 1
Disc 2
1From The New World (Advertise)
2Et Unam - Chant Of ICARO - (Title)
3Great Ghost Dance (With ICARO) (Opening)
4Ala Of Sacrum (Sacred Power)
5Garland Office (Detective Office)
6The Mother Earth (World Map)
7Delusion Of Death (Dungeon)
8Dead Fingers Talk (North America Battle)
9Gestalt Collapse (North America Berserk)
10Thunder Bird (Spirit)
11Oh smania! oh furie! ~ D'Oreste e d'Aiace (Mysterious Person At The Opera)
12Le Gran Luxe (North America Mid-Boss Battle)
13A Silver Smile (North America Mid-Boss Berserk)
14Kiss Of Malice (Another Encounter)
15Professer Gilbert (Puppet)
16Muy Malo (Confrontation)
17The Land Of Spirits (Grand Canyon)
18Light Crossing Boder (Spirit Battle)
19Holy Body (Spirit Berserk)
20Ta Tanka (The Land)
21Moon Shine (City)
22Adios (Mariachi)
23Impatience Scale (Impatience)
24Living Sacrifice (Sorrow)
25Alcatraz (Prison)
26Heat Haze in the Distance (Desert)
27Laboratory (Research Lab)
28Shinobi Heart (Ninja)
29Pirates of the Caribbean (Pirates)
30Close Call For A Moustache (Pirate Girl)
31La Sirene (The Sea)
32Whisper Of The Wind (Arkham University)
33Heavy Density (Pressure)
34nada (Nothingness)
35Dry Flower (Edna)
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