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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Original Soundtrack

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Original Soundtrack

Paper Mario RPG Original Soundtrack (GAMERIP) ペーパーマリオRPGオリジナル・サウンドトラック
Release DateOct 11, 2004
ArtistsSaki Haruyama, Yoshito Hirano, Yuka Tsujiyoko
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsNintendo GameCube
GamesPaper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Avg. Rating: (5 by 2 users)
Rip by: memyselfandfred


1Intro Story
2Main Theme (Title Screen)
3Peach and the Mysterious Map
4Mail for the Mario Bros.
5Adventure Begins
6All Aboard to Rogueport
7Chapter Introduction
9X-Nauts Attack
10Event Battle
11Victory without Partner
12Level Up!
13New Party Member
14Learning a New Skill
15Game Over
16Goodnight Mario
17Professor Frankly
18Badge Get
19Tutorial Battle
20Rogueport Sewers
21Battle Theme
22Battle Won!
23Item Get
24Special Item Get
25Curse of the Black Box
26Ruins of the Thousand-Year Door
27Petal Meadows
28Star Piece Get
29Hooktail Flies Over
30Puzzle Solved!
32You've Got Mail!
33Super Fun Quirk Quiz
34Question (Super Fun Quirk Quiz)
35Shhwonk Fortress
36Entering Hooktail's Castle
37Hooktail's Castle
38Escape the Falling Ceiling
39Ms. Mowz's Theme
40Hooktail's Theme
41Hooktail Battle
43Crystal Star Get
44End of Chapter
45Grodus' Room
46Peach's Theme
47Bowser's Castle
48Peach's E-Mail
49Power-Up Partner
50Luigi's Theme
51The Punies
52Boggly Woods
53Shadow Sirens
54The Great Boggly Tree
55Missing Fanfare
56Shadow Sirens Battle
57Madame Flurrie
58Jabbies Battle
59Lord Crump's Theme
60Magnus von Grapple's Theme
61Magnus von Grapple Battle
62TEC's Walts
63Bowser's Theme
64Super Koopa Bros. World 1
65Super Koopa Bros. World 1 (Hurry Up!)
66Super Koopa Bros. (Invincibility)
67Super Koopa Bros. (World Clear)
68Super Koopa Bros. (Lose Life)
69Cooking with Zess T.
70Ishnail Theme
71Pianta Parlor
72Pianta Parlor Mini-Game
73Cheep-Cheep Blimp
75Glitz Pit
76Grubba's Theme
77Glitz Pit Intro
78Glitz Pit Lose
79Glitz Pit Outro
80Bouncing Yoshi Egg
81Mystery E-Mail
82Glitz Pit Mysteries
83Rawk Hawk Battle
84Rawk Hawk Defeated
85Macho Grubba's Theme
86Macho Grubba Battle
87Sadness and Happiness
88Twilight Trail
89Twilight Town
90Creepy Steeple
91Doopliss Theme
92Doopliss Battle
93Super Koopa Bros. World 2
94Super Koopa Bros. World 2 (Hurry Up!)
96Ghostly Encounter
97Ship Under Attack!
98Keelhaul Key
99Pirate's Grotto
100Cortez's Theme
101Cortez Battle
102Enemy Revealed
103Grodus' Computer
104The Black Skull
105Train Travel
106Excess Express at Day
107Detective Pennington
108Ooh Fanfare
110Excess Express at Dusk
111Excess Express at Night
112Riverside Station
113Smorgs Battle
114Poshley Heights
115Poshley Sanctum
116Grodus' Theme
117Super Koopa Bros. World 3
118Super Koopa Bros. World 3 (Hurry Up!)
119Fahr Outpost
120Blast-off to the Moon
121The Moon
122X-Naut Fortress
1238-bit Mario
124Palace of Shadow
125Riddle Tower
126Deeper into the Shadows
127Grodus Battle
128Bowser Battle
129Shadow Queen's Awakening
130Shadow Queen's Theme
131Shadow Peach Battle
132Invincible Shadow Queen Battle
133We're Counting on You, Mario!
134Final Battle
135Peach is Saved
136Return to Mushroom Kingdom
137Farewell Rogueport
138Last Look at Rogueport
139Here We Go Again
141Pit of 100 Trials
142Riverside Station (Beta)
143Debug Menu (Unused)
144Main Theme (No Intro)
145Main Theme (Japanese)
146Super Koopa Bros. World 1 (Hurry Up! (No Intro))
147Mail for the Mario Bros. (No Intro)

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