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Suikoden V Original Soundtrack

Suikoden V Original Soundtrack

GENSOSUIKODEN V Original Soundtrack 幻想水滸伝V オリジナルサウンドトラック
Release DateMar 24, 2006
Artists Chiharu Mukaiyama, Kuniyuki Takahashi, Takashi Watanabe, Yoshihiro Tsukahara, Yuji Toriyama
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsPlayStation 2
GamesSuikoden V
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Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
Disc 4
1Wind Of Phantom (Genso Suikoden V Opening Theme)
2Journey ~ Beginning Theme (Name Entry BGM)
3The Return (Royal Ship BGM)
4A Moment Of Calm (From "Meeting With Father" Event)
5The Queen Of Falena (From "Audience With The Queen" Event)
6The Scorched Earth And The Weary People (Lordlake BGM)
7Recollection (From "Lordlake Inspection" Event)
8Destined Confrontation (From "Toma's Rescue" Event)
9Stolen Heart (From "Inspection Report" Event)
10A Power Like The Sun (Sun Palace BGM)
11Seal (Rune Chamber BGM)
12Prison (Sun Palace Underground BGM)
13The Knights (From "The Queen's Knights' Guard Room" Event)
14The Queen's Knights (From "The Queen's Knights' Guard Room" Event)
15Harmony (From "Lym's Appearance" Event)
16Royal Capital (Sol-Falena City BGM)
17Distant Journey (World Map BGM)
18Battle Start (Battle BGM)
19Victory Theme (Battle Results Display BGM)
20The Godwin Family Castle (Stormfist BGM)
21The Sacred Games Begin (From "Opening Ceremonies Of The Sacred Games" Event)
22Arena (Arena Interior BGM)
23Time Of Confrontation (Duel BGM)
24Nap (Conversation BGM)
25The Inn Is Thriving (From "Marina's Appearance" Event)
26Relief (Conversation BGM)
27Firm Will (From "Marscal Godwin" Event)
28Suspicion (From "Marina's Kidnapping" Event)
29Slaves' Living Area (Arena Underground BGM)
30Underground Passage (Dungeon BGM)
31Declaration Of War (From "Marina's Rescue" Event)
32The Stage Of The Fight (From "The Sacred Games" Event)
33Unrest (From "Gizel And Marscal" Event)
34Sorrow (From "Report" Event)
35Distrust (From "Consulting The Royal Family" Event)
36The Two Guardian Runes (Royal Villa BGM)
37A Beauty In Black (From "Zerase's Appearance" Event)
38Holy Land (Lunas BGM)
39One Peaceful Moment (From "Haswar's Appearance" Event)
40The Deep Forest, The Lost Forest (Dungeon BGM)
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