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Pokemon Colosseum Original Soundtrack

Pokemon Colosseum Original Soundtrack

Release DateMar 22, 2004
ArtistsTsukasa Tawada
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsNintendo GameCube
GamesPokémon Colosseum
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1Title Theme
2Opening Demo
3Main Menu
4Seth Steals the Snag Machine
5Outskirt Stand
6First Battle
7World Map
8Normal Battle
9Phenac City
10Pokemon Center
11Es Cade's Theme
12Trainer's School
13Cipher Syndicate's Theme
14Pyrite Town
15Pyrite Building
16Cipher Peon Battle
17Miror B's Retro Groove
18Mirakle B's Imitation Groove
19Agate Village
20Relic Forest
21Cipher Admin Battle
22Semifinal Battle
23The Under
24Shadow Pokemon Lab
25Realgam Tower
26Snagem Hideout
27Nascour's Theme
28Final Battle
29Ending Theme

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much audios plays wrong here and In many nintendo soundtracks, they can't be listened i only heard the music speeded up. try fix that man.