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Space Channel 5 Original Soundtrack

Space Channel 5 Original Soundtrack

スペースチャンネル5 オリジナルサウンドトラック
Release DateFeb 21, 2000
Artists Kenichi Tokoi, Naofumi Hataya
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsDreamcast, PlayStation 2
GamesSpace Channel 5
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1mexican flyer [original]
2option: the reporter from sch5
3opening jingle: swinging report show
4spaceport: introducing ulala!!
5coco★tapioka: the huge dancer
6short program: 01
7space ship: strut
8space ship: trapped in the galaxy
9mororina♥ the elegant coward
10short program: 02
11asteroid belt: go! go! "astrobeat jr."
12mororian's base: strange path
13mororin! monroe!: rapid geminis in the monitor
14mororian's base: escape
15short program: 03
16space channel 5: getting the truth
17evila: attack of the perfect reporter
18giant evila: space dogfight!!
19blank TV: Ulala support chant
20short program: 04
21ending: pala paya ... lounge musique
22mexican flyer [remix]
23station identification: SC5
24long program
25extra: 01
26extra: 02
27extra: 03
28extra: 04
29extra: 05
30extra: 06
31extra: 07
32extra: 08
33extra: 09
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