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Frogger: He's Back! Gamerip Soundtrack

Frogger: He's Back! Gamerip Soundtrack

Frogger (1997) (gamerip, CDDA)
Release DateNov 3, 1997
ArtistsAndrew Barnabas, Paul Arnold, Peter Murphy
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsPC, PlayStation
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1Main Menu
2Level Select
3Retro Zone 1
4Retro Zone 2
5Suburbia Zone 1
6Suburbia Zone 2
7Forest Zone 1
8Forest Zone 2
9Industrial Zone 1
10Industrial Zone 2
11Cave Zone 1
12Cave Zone 2
13Sky Zone 1
14Sky Zone 2
15Sewer Zone 1
16Sewer Zone 2
17Desert Zone 1
18Desert Zone 2
19Jungle Zone
20Retro Zone Completion
21Suburbia Zone Completion
22Forest Zone Completion
23Industrial Zone Completion
24Cave Zone Completion
25Sky Zone Completion
26Sewer Zone Completion
27Desert Zone Completion
28Jungle Zone Completion (UNUSED)
29Game Over
30UNUSED - Ruins Zone (from prototype)
31DUMMY (Game Over) - Ruins Zone
32DUMMY (Ruins Complete)

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