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Guilty Gear XX #Reload Korean Version Original Soundtrack

Guilty Gear XX #Reload Korean Version Original Soundtrack

GUILTY GEAR XX RELOAD KOREAN ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK ギルティギア イグゼクス #リロード コリアンヴァージョン オリジナルサウンドトラック
Release DateNov 6, 2006
ArtistsDaisuke Ishiwatari, Koichi Seiyama, N.EX.T
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsArcade, PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Xbox
GamesGuilty Gear XX
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Disc 1
Disc 2
1Labyrinth of Souls (Opening)
2Revelations (Sol Vs Ky)
3Starchaser (Sol Badguy's Theme)
4Pillars of the Underworld (Ky's Theme)
5Get Out of My Way (May's Theme)
6The Great Empress (Millia's Theme)
7Dementia (Eddie's Theme)
8Megatona Furioso (Potemkin's Theme)
9Child of the Wild (Chipp's Theme)
10Take the Pain (Faust's Theme)
11Dogs On the Run (Axl's Theme)
12Ricochet (Baiken's Theme)
13Riding the Clouds (Anji's Theme)
14Keeper of the Unknown (Venom's Theme)
15Desert Dust (Johnny's Theme)
16Sticks and Stones (Jam's Theme)
17In the Arms of Death (Testament's Theme)
18Tears are Forever (Dizzy's Theme)
19Crash And Burn (Bridget's Theme)
20The Vampire Saga (Slayer's Theme)
21Seizures (Zappa's Theme)
22Blacklight's Babe (I-NO's Theme)
23Vortex Infinitum (Robo-Ky's Theme)
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