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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Original Soundtrack

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Original Soundtrack

ゼルダの伝説 大地の汽笛オリジナル・サウンドトラック
Release DateNov 7, 2009
ArtistsAsuka Ota, Koji Kondo, Manaka Tominaga, Toru Minegishi
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsNintendo DS
GamesThe Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
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1Opening ~ Title Screen
2File Select
4After the Prologue
5Aboda Village
6Final Exam
7Castle Town
8Got an Item!
9Got a Small Item!
10Hyrule Castle
11The Ceremony Begins
12Zelda Appears
13Zelda's Lullaby
14Chancellor Cole's Smirk
15Dumbfounded Link
16Zelda and the Spirit Flute
17Got the Recruit Uniform!
18Sneaking out of the Castle
19Spirit Tracks Disappearing
20Tower of Spirits Destroyed
21The Demon Train
22Chancellor Cole
23Cole Shock Chord A (Your)
24Cole Shock Chord B (High)
25Cole Shock Chord C (ness!)
26Battle Preparations
27Alfonzo vs. Byrne
28Zelda's Body Stolen!
29Zelda Taken Away
30Ownerless Hyrule Castle
31Zelda's Spirit
32The Spirit Flute
33Let's Go, Link!
34Sword Lesson 1
35Sword Training A
36Sword Lesson 2
37Sword Training B
38Sword Lesson 3
39Sword Training C
40In the Fields
43The Ominous Broken Tower
44Meeting Anjean
45Zelda Loses It
46Hysterical Zelda
47Tower of Spirits
48Tower of Spirits -Dungeon-
49A Phantom Appears
50Spotted! (Phantoms)
51A Fatal Mistake
52Watch Out, Link!
53Zelda Possesses a Phantom
54Zelda Ready to Fight!
55Got the Rail Map!
56The Spirit Tracks Reappear
57Select Rail Route
58Overworld Adventure
59Battle on the Tracks!
61The Lost Woods
63Sound Stone of Awakening
64Spirit Flute Practice - Awakening
65Song of Awakening
66Song of Awakening (Short)
67Learned Music
69Lokomo Song Practice - Gage
70Gage Duet
71Sound Stone of Healing
72Spirit Flute Practice - Healing
73Song of Healing
74Song of Healing (Short)
75Forest, Snow and Ocean Temple
76Dungeon Gauntlet
78Got a Treasure!
79Spotted! (Key Master)
80Stagnox, Armored Colossus
81Boss Defeated
82The Force Gem Awakens
83Power Across the Spirit Tracks
84Restoring the Tower of Spirits (Partial)
85Got a Heart Container!
86Dark Trains Approaching
87Game Over
88Got a Spirit Train Car!
89Catching a Rabbit
91Cursed Overworld
92Anouki Village in the Dark
93Sound Stone of Discovery
94Spirit Flute Practice
95Song of Discovery
96Song of Discovery (Short)
97The Great Eye in the Dark
98Rocktite Closing
99Lokomo Song Practice - Steem
100Steem Duet
101The Blizzard
102Fraaz, Master of Icy Fire
103Anouki Village
104Beedle's Air Shop
105Sword Training D
106Linebeck III Enters
107Linebeck III
108Sound Stone of Light
109Spirit Flute Practice - Light
110Song of Light
111Song of Light (Short)
112Papuchia Village
113The Wise One
114The Future Revealed
115Sound Stone of Birds
116Spirit Flute Practice - Birds
117Song of Birds
118Song of Birds (Short)
119Pirate Attack!
120Got a Force Gem!
121Lokomo Song Practice - Carben
122Carben Duet
124Phytops, Barbed Menace
125Tank and Bomb Ship Attack
126Whip Race
128Anjean's Decision
129Goron Village in Lava Spouts
130Out of Cargo
131Lokomo Song Practice - Embrose
132Embrose Duet
134Fire and Sand Temple
135Cragma, Lava Lord
136Restoring the Tower of Spirits (Complete)
137Goron Village
138Goron Target Range - Blue Target
139Goron Target Range - Red Target (One)
140Goron Target Range - Red Target (Two)
141Goron Target Range - Red Target (Three)
142Goron Target Range - Goron Target
143Tower of Spirits Staircase (First Level)
144Tower of Spirits Staircase (Second Level)
145Tower of Spirits Staircase (Third Level)
146Tower of Spirits Staircase (Fourth Level)
147Tower of Spirits Staircase (Full Version)
148Fight Against Byrne
149Link and Zelda's Friendship
150Resurrection of the Demon King
151Fleeing by Demon Train
152Anjean Devises a Plan
153Lokomo Song Practice - Rael
154Rael Duet
155Skeldritch, Ancient Demon
156Zelda’s Dashed Hopes
157Byrne Awakes
158Got the Lokomo Sword!
159Lost at Sea Station
160Dark Link
161The Dark Realm
162Tears of Light in the Dark Realm
163Facing the Demon Train
164Before the Final Battle
165The Chancellor's Annoyance
166The Chancellor's Limit
167The Revival's Completion
168Fighting Cole and Malladus
169Malladus Weakened
170Bodiless Malladus
171The Unenterable Body
172Byrne Comes to the Rescue
173Link Catches Zelda
174Byrne's Death
175The End of the Chancellor
176Malladus's Transformation
177Malladus in Cole’s Body
178Final Battle ~ Protecting Zelda
179The Sacred Duet
180Final Battle ~ Malladus
181Final Battle ~ Malladus (with Duet)
182Saying Goodbye
183The Lokomos Ascend
184Staff Roll
185The End
186Battle Mode
187Get Ready
188Ready, Set, Battle!
189A Phantom Appears (Battle Mode)
190Spotted! (Battle Mode)
192Battle Mode Results
193Tag Mode
194Got a Treasure! Double
195Miss! Double
196Cragma, Lava Lord (Retry)
197Fraaz, Master of Icy Fire (Retry)
198Passenger - Mood Down
199Passenger - Mood Up
200Passenger - Mood Very Low
201Spirit Zelda Appears
202Spirit Zelda Disappears
203Stagnox and Phytops (Retry)
204Tag Mode - Trade Complete
205Unknown Fanfare A
206Unknown Fanfare B
207Unknown SFX A
208Unknown SFX B
209Unused Phantom Hourglass Boss Theme
210Unused Phantom Hourglass Theme
211Unused Song A
212Unused Song B

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