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Mario Party 8 Original Soundtrack

Mario Party 8 Original Soundtrack

Release DateMay 29, 2007
ArtistsYoshihiro Tsukahara
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo Wii
GamesMario Party 8
Avg. Rating: (5 by 3 users)


1Welcome to Mario Party
2File Selection Theme
3To the Star Carnival
4Pick the Rules
5Treetop Temple
6Booty Boardwalk
7Haunted Hideaway
8Perplex Express
9Tycoon Town
10Warped Orbit
11Board Start Theme
12Here's the Star
13Here's Your Chance
14Go for It!
15Lucky Route!
16Do It, DK!
17Bowser's Here
18We've Just Begun
19Who Won the Battle?
20Who's the Winner?
21You're the Winner
22How to play
23He's Coming?!
24Help Arrives?
25Go to the Lucky Route
26You Got a Star
27How Lucky
28So Lucky
29The Board Begins
30Last Chance
31Star Battle Begins
32Battle Winner
33You Cleared It Safely
34Follow Bowser
35All Cleared
36You're the Superstar
37See you Later!
38How to Play Minigames
39Everyone's Runnin'
40All Messed Up
41Chase and Overtake
42An Unexpected Surprise
43Feelin' Cyber
45It's on Now
46It's a Dead Heat
48Friendly Competition
49Proceed without Fear
50Don't Miss This Chance
51Last Match
52It's a New Record
53Minigame Winner
54So Sad to Lose
55It's a Tie
56Free Play
57Crown Showdown
58Flip-Out Frenzy
59Tic-Tac Drop
61Test for the Best 1
62Test for the Best 2
63Test for the Best 3
64Good Job
65Not Bad
66Try Harder
67Extras Zone
68Fun Bazaar
69Carnival Parade
71You Got a Star [Alternate Version]
72Free Play [No Intro Version]
73Crown Showdown [No Intro Version]
74Flip-Out Frenzy [No Intro Version]
75Tic-Tac Drop [No Intro Version]
76Test for the Best 1 [No Intro Version]
77Extras Zone [No Intro Version]

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