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Mario Strikers Charged Soundtrack Remastered

Mario Strikers Charged Soundtrack Remastered

Mario Strikers Charged Football Original Soundtrack (GAMERIP) マリオストライカーズ チャージドオリジナル・サウンドトラック
Release DateJul 30, 2007
ArtistsChad York, Darren Radtke, Davor Vulama, Mike Peacock, Scott McFadyen
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U
GamesMario Strikers Charged
Avg. Rating: (5 by 2 users)
Extracted, Edited, & Tagged by Yaksha


Disc 1
Disc 2
1Channel Banner
3Title Theme / Loading
4Main Menu
6Road to the Striker Cup
7Mario Medley
8The Vice
9Mega Strike
10Luigi Medley
13Post Match Summary
15Peach Medley
16Peach Scored Against... 1
17Peach Scores!
18Peach Scored Against... 2
19Koopa Troopa
20Crystal Canyon
21Yoshi Medley
23Daisy Medley
24Ready for the Next Match
25The Dump
26Wario Theme
27Wario Scores!
28Wario Scored Against...
29Shy Guy
31Waluigi Medley
33Thunder Island
34Donkey Kong Medley
35Monty Mole
36Lava Pit
37Bowser Medley
38Bowser Scored Against...
39Hammer Bro.
40Bowser Jr. Theme
41Bowser Jr. Scored Against...
42Sand Tomb
43Diddy Kong Medley
44Dry Bones
46Stormship Stadium
47Petey Piranha Medley
48Sudden Death
49Claimed the Championship!
50End of Championship
51Hall of Fame
52Galactic Stadium
53Staff Roll
54Invincibility Star
55Super Mario!
56Super Luigi!
57Mario Theme 1
58Mario Theme 2
59Luigi Theme 1
60Luigi Theme 2
61Peach Theme 1
62Peach Theme 2
63Peach Theme 3
64Yoshi Theme
65Yoshi Scored Against...
66Daisy Theme 1
67Daisy Theme 2
68Wario Intro (Away)
69Wario Intro (Home)
70Waluigi Theme 1
71Waluigi Theme 2
72Waluigi Scored Against...
73Donkey Kong Theme 1
74Donkey Kong Theme 2
75Donkey Kong Theme 3
76Donkey Kong Theme 4
77Bowser Theme 1
78Bowser Theme 2
79Diddy Kong Theme 1
80Diddy Kong Theme 2
81Diddy Kong Mega Strike
82Petey Piranha Theme
83Mario Crowd Chant
84Luigi Crowd Chant
85Peach Crowd Chant
86Yoshi Crowd Chant
87Daisy Crowd Chant
88Wario Crowd Chant
89Waluigi Crowd Chant
90Donkey Kong Crowd Chant
91Bowser Crowd Chant
92Koopa Crowd Chant (Bowser JPN)
93Bowser Jr. Crowd Chant
94Koopa Jr. Crowd Chant (Bowser Jr. JP)
95Diddy Kong Crowd Chant
96Petey Piranha Crowd Chant
97Boss Pakkun Crowd Chant (Petey Piranha JP)
98Bowsie Crowd Chant (Unknown-Unused)
99Unknown Crowd Chant
100Misc Crowd Chant
101The Vice (Selection Menu)
102Wastelands (Selection Menu)
103Thunder Island (Selection Menu)
104Classic: The Palace (Selection Menu)
105Classic: The Palace (Intro)
106Classic: The Underground (Intro)
107Classic: Crater Field (Selection Menu)
108Classic: Crater Field (Intro)
109Classic: Konga Coliseum (Selection Menu)
110Classic: Konga Coliseum (Intro)

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