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Advance Wars: Dual Strike Original Soundtrack

Advance Wars: Dual Strike Original Soundtrack

ファミコンウォーズDSオリジナル・サウンドトラック Famicom Wars DS Original Soundtrack
Release DateJun 23, 2005
ArtistsYoshito Hirano
ClassificationGame Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo DS
GamesAdvance Wars: Dual Strike
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1Advance Wars Intro
2A Return to Action
3Mode Select
6Troops, Move Out!
7Peace in Our Time
8It's a Trap!
9For the Sake of Omega Land
10Dark Terror
11A Quiet Moment
12CO Select
13Orange Star Theme
14Jake's Theme
15Rachel's Theme
16Nell's Theme
17Hachi's Theme
18Andy's Anthem
19Max's Theme
20Sami's Theme
21Blue Moon Theme
22Olaf's Theme
23Grit's Theme
24Colin's Theme
25Sasha's Theme
26Yellow Comet Theme
27Kanbei's Theme
28Sonja's Theme
29Sensei's Theme
30Grimm's Theme
31Green Earth's Theme
32Eagle's Theme
33Drake's Theme
34Jess's Theme
35Javier's Theme
36Black Hole Theme
37Flak's Theme
38Lash's Theme
39Adder's Theme
40Hawke's Theme
41Jugger's Theme
42Zak/Koal's Theme
43Candy/Kindle's Theme
44Von Bolt's Theme
46Black Hole Power!
47Super CO Power!
48Black Hole Super CO Power!
49Tag Power!
50Black Hole Tag Power!
51United for Peace
52Dangerous Mission!
53A Grand Adventure
54Heroes Without Borders
55Flower Power!
57Victory Party!
58For the Good of All People
59And the World...
60Von Bolt's Fury
61For Global Harmony
62We Shall Return
63That's a Wrap!
64Causing Mischief
65Fantastic March
66Oops! Try Again!
67Nice Try, No Cigar

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