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Mario Party DS Original Soundtrack

Mario Party DS Original Soundtrack

Release DateNov 19, 2007
ArtistsHironobu Yahata, Shinya Outouge
ClassificationGame Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo DS
GamesMario Party DS
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1One Dark Night
2What's That Light?
3Here's Bowser!
4Back To Bowser
5Go For It, Superstar
6The Adventure Begins
7Where's That Star?
8How To Play
9Wiggler's Garden Pest
10Wiggler's Garden
11Toadette's Request
12Toadette's Music Room
13Diddy Needs Help
14DK's Stone Statue
15Down With Kamek
16Kamek's Library
17Showdown With Bowser
18Bowser's Pinball Machine
19Bowser Time!
20Final 5 Frenzy
21Good Job, Everyone
22Lucky Seven
23The Numbers Match
24You Got A Star
25Who Needs A Star?!
26Beat Him Down
27You Got A Minigame
28Until Next Time
29Tips For Success
30Into The Fairy Tale
31Play Nicely, Everyone
32Fresh As Mint
33The Pressure's On
34Get Into It
35Bouncing Around
36They're Neck & Neck
38Another Crazy Match
39Boss Battle
40Think It Out
41What's This Song?
42Strike A Pose!
44Easy Victory!
45How Could I Lose?
46A Draw?
47No Way! New Record?
48Who Came Out On Top?
49Take Down The Boss
50You Beat Bowser
51Duel? OK It's On!
52First Or Last?
53The Duel Is On!
54Desert Duel
55Who Goes When?
56Teamwork Is Key!
58Who's The Victor?
59The Rocket Is Mine
60Who's The Champ?
61Out-Of-Reach Rocket
62Who's The Superstar?
63Congrats, Superstar!
64Grand Opening
65Play Which Mode?
66The Story Begins
67Let's Choose Settings
68Minigame Battle Time
69Boss Hunting
70Decathlon Time
72An Item For You
73Finally, You Got One
74Exciting Collection
75Present From The Staff
76Illusory Rhythem
77Thanks A Lot

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