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Sonic Rush Original Groove Rush

Sonic Rush Original Groove Rush

Sonic Rush - Original Groove Rush
Release DateNov 23, 2005
Artists Hideki Naganuma, Teruhiko Nakagawa, Yukifumi Makino
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo DS
GamesSonic Rush
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1Right There, Ride On
2Back 2 Back
3What U Need
4Jeh Jeh Rocket
5Ska Cha Cha
7Wrapped in Black
8A New Day
9What U Need is Remix
10Right There, Ride On
11Right There, Ride On (Blazy Mix)
12Groove Rush #1
13Ska Cha Cha
14Ska Cha Cha (Blazy Mix)
15Enemy or Friend ?
16Ethno Circus
17Ethno Circus (Blazy Mix)
18Metal Scratchin'
19Metal Scratchin' (Part 2)
20Groove Rush #3
21Back 2 Back
22Back 2 Back (Blazy Mix)
23I Wanna Breathe
24Just a Breath ! (SE)
25Jeh Jeh Rocket
26Jeh Jeh Rocket (Blazy Mix)
27Groove Rush #7
28Get Edgy
29Get Edgy (Blazy Mix)
30A New Day (Intermission)
31What U Need
32What U Need (Blazy Mix)
34Vela-Nova (Part 2)
35Groove Rush #2
36Groove Rush #8
37Bomber Barbara
38Bomber Barbara (Part 2)
39Groove Rush #4
40Raisin' Me Up (Prologue)
41Wrapped in Black
42Wrapped in Black (Part 2)
43Groove Rush #5
44Raisin' Me Up
45Medley Rush #2
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Wrapped in Black such a good song from this game!