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Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta Soundtrack

Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta Soundtrack

Release DateOct 10, 2022
ArtistsYoshiya Terayama
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
GamesStreet Fighter 6
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Ripped by: bxaimc | Tagged by: Clouds


Disc 1
Disc 2
1Opening Cutscene
2Avatar Creation
3World Tour Menu
4Battle Hub Menu
5Battle Hub Server Selection
6Battle Hub Lobby (Ver. 1)
7Battle Hub Lobby (Ver. 2)
8Battle Hub Lobby (Ver. 3)
9Battle Hub Lobby (Ver. 4)
10Battle Hub Lobby (Ver. 5)
11Battle Hub Lobby (Jingle)
12Battle Hub Goods
13Viator (Ryu's Theme)
14Taking Aim (Luke's Theme)
15Not A Little Girl (Chun-Li's Theme)
16Mr. Top Player (Jamie Theme)
17Sharpened Sonic (Guile's Theme)
18Ninjastar Pop (Kimberly's Theme)
19ÅrachniD** (Juri's Theme)
20Spirit of the Flame (Ken's Theme)
21Metro City Downtown Stage
22Genbu Temple Stage
23Carrier Byron Taylor Stage
24Tiang Hong Yuan Stage
25The Macho Ring Stage
26Training Room Stage
27Rules & Regulations - Extreme Battle
28Smash & Grab - Extreme Battle
29Down & Out - Extreme Battle
30Back & Forth - Extreme Battle
31Normal Battle Rules - Extreme Battle
32Bushin NinjaStar Cypher
33Bushin NinjaStar Cypher (Vocal)
35Victory (Ver. 2)
36Unknown Stage
37Unknown - Extreme Battle

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