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Sonic Frontiers Mini Soundtrack

Sonic Frontiers Mini Soundtrack

Release DateNov 9, 2022
ArtistsKanon Oguni, Kenichi Tokoi, Kenji Mizuno, Rintaro Soma, Tomoya Ohtani
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
GamesSonic Frontiers
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1I'm Here (feat. Merry Kirk-Holmes)
2Kronos Island: 1st Mvt
3Kronos Island: 2nd Mvt
4Kronos Island: 3rd Mvt
5Kronos Island: 4th Mvt
6Kronos Island: 5th Mvt
7Kronos Island: 6th Mvt
8Kronos Island: 7th Mvt
9Theme of Koco
10Cyber Space 1-1: Database
11Cyber Space 1-2: Flowing
12Cyber Space 1-3: Digital Cave
13Cyber Space 1-4: Genshi
14Cyber Space 1-5: Dropaholic
15Cyber Space 1-6: Go Back 2 Your Roots
16Cyber Space 1-7: Time Flyer
17Quest: SOS Backup
18Guardians: First Encounters
19Guardian: ASURA
20Guardian: NINJA
21Guardian: TOWER
22Guardian: SQUID
23Titan: GIGANTO
24Undefeatable (feat. Kellin Quinn)
25Fishing Vibes

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Why is this the Mini Soundtrack? I the extended on it's way?