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Deception III: Dark Delusion Original Soundtrack

Deception III: Dark Delusion Original Soundtrack

蒼魔灯 オリジナル サウンド トラック Soumatou Original Sound Track
Release DateApr 21, 2000
ArtistsAyako Toyoda, Hiroshi Miyazaki, Masaaki Udagawa, Saki Ishii, Shun Otake, Susumu Fujii, Takayasu Sodeoka
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
GamesDeception III: Dark Delusion
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1Falling Blue
2A Fragment of a Prayer
3Into the Ocean of Blood
5Foggy Recollection
7Golden Days
8Abyss of Destruction
10Mark of Darkness
11Cage of Thistles
12Released Arrow
13Blue Demonic Light
14Forbidden Scriptures
15Those Who Show the Way
16Corrupt Ritual
17The World in Grey
18Doorway to the Hunt
19Blessing I
20Blessing II
21Blessing III
22Frustration I
23Frustration II
24Frustration III
25Beeswax Lamp
26Stage at the Evening Banquet
27Funeral Procession of the Martyr
28Final Scenery
29Temple of Forgetfullness
30A Broken Needle Inside the Heart
31A Conversation Without Words
32Cursed Apocalypse
33Burned Out Meteor
34Rusted Mystery
35Looking up at the Red Moon
36Crest of Indescretion
37Garden of Peace
38Vestiges of a Distant Day
39Poison and High Quality Sake
40For the Setting Sun
41The Shadow Will Swoop Down
42At the End of the Field of Darkness
43Fastened Mirror
44Blended Scream
45Someone Left Behind, Thoughts Left Behind
46Lost Myth
47Strategic Mask
48Punishment and Decay
49On the Other Side of Tragedy
50Broken Spiral Staircase
51Evil Warrior on Horseback
52Vain Family
53Multicolored Chain of Fate
54Blade of Conviction
55Isolated Campaign
56Time of Purification
57And Yet the Ship Still Comes
58Flowers Rotting Away
59At the End of a Dream
60Lingering Scent of the Sun
61From the Bottom of the Sea
62Never-ending River
63Amber Cocoon
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