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Diddy Kong Racing DS Soundtrack

Diddy Kong Racing DS Soundtrack

ディディーコングレーシングDS オリジナルサウンドトラック
Release DateFeb 5, 2007
ArtistsDavid Wise
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsNintendo DS
GamesDiddy Kong Racing
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Rip by: ruiner9


1Title Menu
2Ancient Lake
3Race Results ~ Ancient Lake
4Balloon Obtained
5Finish! ~ Battle Mode
6Battle Mode
7Pirate Lagoon
8Treasure Caves
9Finish! ~ Create-A-Track (Sherbet Island)
10Race Results ~ Create-A-Track (Sherbet Island)
11Create-A-Track (Sherbet Island)
12Finish! ~ Sherbet Island
13Race Results ~ Sherbet Island
14Boss Door Open
15Finish! ~ Boss Race
16Boss Race ~ Win
17Boss Race ~ Lose
18Boss Race ~ Unknown
19Boss Race ~ Before the Race
20Boss Race
21Finish! ~ Boulder Canyon
22Boulder Canyon
23Race Results ~ Dragon Forest
24Timber Island
25Conga Party
26Conga Party 2
27Finish! ~ Crescent Island
28Crescent Island
29Race Results ~ Crescent Island
30Finish! ~ Darkmoon Caverns
31Darkmoon Caverns
32Race Results ~ Darkmoon Caverns
33Finish! ~ Create-A-Track (Dino Domain)
34Race Results ~ Create-A-Track (Dino Domain)
35Create-A-Track (Dino Domain)
36Finish! ~ Bonus Tracks
37Thunder Cove
38Race Results ~ Bonus Tracks
39Meandering Mount
40Splashdown Pass
41Not Enough Balloons!
42Wizpig's End
43Finish! ~ Everfrost Peak
44Everfrost Peak
45Race Results ~ Everfrost Peak
46Intro Cutscene
47Welcome to Timber Island
48Meet Taj
50Key Door Unlocked
51Amulet Obtained
52Wizpig Statue Open
53A Victory Party....?
54Finish! ~ Create-A-Track (Dragon Forest)
55Finish! ~ Create-A-Track (Dragon Forest)
56Create-A-Track (Dragon Forest)
57Finish! ~ Fossil Canyon
58Fossil Canyon
59Race Results ~ Fossil Canyon
60Finish! ~ Frosty Village
61Frosty Village
62Race Results ~ Frosty Village
63Finish! ~ Greenwood Village
64Greenwood Village
65Race Results ~ Greenwood Village
66Finish! ~ Haunted Woods
67Haunted Woods
68Race Results ~ Haunted Woods
69Finish! ~ Hot Top Volcano
70Hot Top Volcano
71Race Results ~ Hot Top Volcano
72Snowball Valley
73Finish! ~ Create-A-Track (Snowflake Mountain)
74Race Results ~ Create-A-Track (Snowflake Mountain)
75Create-A-Track (Snowflake Mountain)
76Finish! ~ Snowball Valley
77Race Results ~ Snowball Valley
78Taj's Tent
79Strangled Shrine
80Finish! ~ Strangled Shrine
81Race Results ~ Strangled Shrine
82Finish! ~ Jungle Falls
83Jungle Falls
84Race Results ~ Jungle Falls
85Light House Ready for Takeoff!
86Main Lobby
87Finish! ~ Spaceport Alpha
88Race Results ~ Spaceport Alpha
89Spaceport Alpha
90Choose Your Character
91Choose Your Character ~ Alternate
92Final Results
93Finish! ~ Stardust Alley
94Stardust Alley
95Race Results ~ Stardust Alley
96Finish! ~ Star City
97Star City
98Race Results ~ Star City
99Taj Race
100T.T.'s Theme
101Finish! ~ Walrus Cove
102Walrus Cove
103Race Results ~ Walrus Cove
104Finish! ~ Whale Bay
105Whale Bay
106Race Results ~ Whale Bay
107Finish! ~ Windmill Plains
108Race Results ~ Windmill Plains
109Windmill Plains
110Finish! ~ Wizpig Race
111Wizpig Race
112Wizpig Race ~ Start
113Wizpig Race ~ Lost
114Wizpig's Crashlanding
115Finish! ~ Ancient Lake
116Victory Party

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