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Bayonetta 3 Soundtrack

Bayonetta 3 Soundtrack

ベヨネッタ3オリジナル・サウンドトラック Bayonetta 3 GAMERIP OST
Release DateOct 28, 2022
ArtistsAoba Nakanashi, Chess Galea, Erina Niwa, Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller, Helena Noguerra, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Hitomi Kurokawa, Hyun Kim, J.S. Bach, Julie Nathanson, Masahiro Aoki, Masahiro Miyauchi, Masami Ueda, Mikaila Delgado, Naofumi Harada, Nelson Riddle, Norihiko Hibino, Rachael Hawnt, Rei Kondoh, Ririko Nanase, Ryo Furukawa, Satoshi Igarashi, Seiji Hotta, Shu Kanematsu, Takahiro Izutani, Takashi Nakabeppu, Takumi Higuchi, Tomoki Kameyama, Yoshitaka Suzuki
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsNintendo Switch
GamesBayonetta 3
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1The Beginning Of The End
3EV001 Collase Begins
4GM01 Chapter Start
5EV002-1 Prologue
6EV002-2 It Might As Well Be Routine
7EV002-3 Premonition I
8EV002-4 Premonition II
9EV002-5 Party On Deck
10EV002-6 Muttering Enzo
11EV002-7 Attack From The Unknown I
12EV002-8 Rodin Appears
13EV002-9 Attack From The Unknown II
14Homunculi Descend
15EV002-10 Dance Party!
16Moonlight Serenade (Eternal Climax Mix)
17Moonlight Serenade (Eternal Climax Mix) (Instrumental)
18EV003-1 Rodin's Delivery
19EV003-2 Trying On Colour My World
20EV003-3 Demon Masquerade
21Theme Of Bayonetta 3 - Al Fine
22Theme Of Bayonetta 3 - Al Fine (Instrumental)
23EV004-1 Cumulonimbus Appears
24EV004-2 Bayonetta, Ready To Fight I
25The Heavies (3rd Climax Ver.)
26EV005-1 Rebellious Infernal Demon
27EV005-2 Ancient Magic Art Demon Slave
28Summoning The Infernal Demon (3rd Climax Ver.)
29EV006 Threat of the Invader
30Kraken - Abyss
31EV007 Jeanne in Peril
32Kraken - Emerged
33Get To The Climax!
34EV008 A Glimpse Of Rodin
35GM02 Chapter Complete
36The Gates Of Hell (Original Ver.)
37EV009-1 Shape Of The Unknown I
38EV009-2 Shape Of The Unknown II
39EV009-3 Viola's Demand
40Demons Descend / Bayonetta 2
42EV009-4 Cheshire's Whimsy
43EV010-1 To The Secluded Island
44EV010-2 Bayonetta, Ready To Fight II
45Thule, The Isle Between
46A New Guidepost
47Ginnungagap, The Chaotic Abyss
48Station Jingle
49EV011-1 Backstab
50Giant Homunculi Descend
51EV011-2 Iridescent Appears
52Ride On Gomorrah!
53ST01-1 The Sinking City - Crosswalk
54EV012-1 Homunculi Invasion
55EV012-2 Here Comes Bayonetta!
56Goldberg Variations, BWV 988: Aria
57EV013 Trying On G-Pillar
58Into The Sewers
59Free Battle
60EV014-1 Pannus Appears
61EV014-2 Bayonetta, Ready To Fight III
63EV015 Fingertips
64EV016 Remnants Of Memory I
65EV017-1 Phantasmaraneae, Spinner Of Flame
67ST01-2 The Sinking City - Eastern Gate
68EV018 Lacunosus Appears
69EV019 Asperatus Appears
70EV020 Trouble Waters
71The Demon Rider
72EV021 Goodbye For Now
73EV022 Attack Of The Beastman
74Red Moon
75EV023-1 Development Troubles!
76EV023-2 Running
77ST01-3 The Sinking City - Temple Gate
78EV024-1 Here's Luka
79EV024-2 Fateful Reunion
80EV025 Bayonetta, Ready To Fight IV
81EV026 The Lone Witch
82Try To Stop Me!
83Lagoon Of Clouds
84EV027-1 Inside Iridescent
85EV027-2 Wrath Of The Witch
87EV028 Phenomenal Affirmation I
88Witch Heart
89Crime and Punishment
90EV029-1 Intensity Blast
91EV029-2 The Host, Lost I
92Chaos Gear
93EV029-3 Back To Thule
94EV030 To The Military Base
95Sneaking Mission!
96EV031 Infiltration
97Mission Start
99Q T J
100Mission Complete
101EV032 A Disappearing World
102EV033 To A New World
103ST02-1 Great Fortress - Xi Chang An
104EV034 Mediocris Appears
105ST02-2 Great Fortress - Xi Chang An Interior
106EV035 Remnants Of Memory II
107EV036 Wartrain Gouon
108EV037 Virga Appears
109The Gates Of Hell (Swing Ver.)
110Sandglass Of Time
111EV038-1 Viola's Struggle
112EV038-2 Back Together
114GH()ST (Instrumental)
115EV039-1 Talking To Viola I
116EV039-2 Talking To Viola II
117EV040 Chasing Luka
118ST02-3 Great Fortress - Shuang Cha Ling
119EV041 Structural Damage
120Viola's Disaster
121EV042 Nebulosus Appears
122EV043 Volutus Appears
123EV044 Cheshire Gets Serious I
124ST02-4 Great Fortress - Liang Jie Shan
125EV045 Pyrocumulus Appears
126Volcanic Eruption
127EV046 The One-Eyed Witch
128EV047 Phenomenal Affirmation II
129Queen Magick
130Queen Magick (Extended Ver.)
131EV048-1 The Host, Lost II
132EV048-2 Falling Apart I
133The Heavies (SC Climax Ver.)
134EV049-1 The Cliffs Of Thule
135EV049-2 A Close Call For Viola!
136EV050 Crash Landing
137Eternal Mirage
138EV051 Mab Dachi Unearthed!
139EV052-1 Cheshire Gets Serious II
140EV052-2 Cheshire Inspired
141Cheshire The Wanderer
142EV053 Cheshire's Big Show
143ST03 Endless Expanse
144The Gates Of Hell (Bossa Nova Ver.)
145EV054 Luka Found
146EV055-1 Luka's Transformation
147EV055-2 The Beastman Returns
148Red Lupus
149EV056 Power Unleashed
150EV057-1 Unrelenting Beast
151EV057-2 Another Talk With Viola
152EV058-1 Castellanus Appears
153EV058-2 Bayonetta, Ready To Fight V
154Red & Black (3rd Climax Mix)
155EV059 The Courageous Witch
156EV060 Remnants Of Memory III
157Venom's Caress
158EV061 Radiatus Appears
159Solving The Mystery
160EV062 Murus Appears
161EV063 An Audience Wuth Baal
162EV064 Bridge Collapse
163Tower Of Pacts - Entrance
164Tower Of Pacts - Interior
165EV065 Remnants Of Memory IV
166EV066 Malphas, Pacifier
167EV067 Riding Malphas
168Temple Of Tempests
169Fall Of The Ruins
170Onrush Of Erasure
171EV068 Treasure Room Collapse
172The Flying Demon
173EV069 Cirrostratus & Cirrocumulus Appear
174EV070 Hesitation
175EV071 The Desert Witch
176EV072-1 Stratocumulus Appears
177EV072-2 Phenomenal Affirmation III
178Sovereigns Of Souls
179EV073-1 Gravity Collapse I
180EV073-2 Gravity Collapse II
181Elevator Combat
182EV074 Deep In The Facility
183Thule - Frosted Peak
184EV075 Opacus Appears
185Ginnungagap Collapse
186EV076 Faerie King Lukaon
187ST04-1 City In Darkness - Gate Of Glory
188EV077 Assault Of The Beastman
189EV078 Viola's Plea
190ST04-2 City In Darkness - Avenue
191EV079 Remnants Of Memory V
192EV080 Mictlantecuhtli, Presser Of Destruction
193EV081-1 Nimbostratus Appears
194EV081-2 Bayonetta, Ready To Fight VI
195Dimensional Destabilization
196EV082 Rosa Appears / Bayonetta 2
197Battle for the Umbra Throne (3rd Climax Mix)
198EV083 Follow The Steel Witch!
199The Hunters And The Hunted
200EV084-1 Parting Yet Again
201EV084-2 The Stolen Gear
202ST04-3 City In Darkness - Breakdown
203EV085-1 Duplicatus Appears
204EV085-2 Sting Like A Butterfly
205EV085-3 Bayonetta, Ready To Fight VII
206EV086-1 Parasite Dance
207EV086-2 Summon Battle Dance
208Gomorrah Brings Destruction
209EV087-1 The Enchanted Witch I
210EV087-2 Witch Dance Battle!
211EV087-3 The Enchanted Witch II
212Night Shadows Dancing
213EV088 Takeover
214Fertile Rondo (English)
215Fertile Rondo (Japanese)
216Fertile Rondo (Instrumental)
217EV089 Falling Apart II
218EV090-1 Escape From The Facility
219EV090-2 Riding In Style
220Groovy Speedway
221Le soleil couchant
222EV091 Back With Friends
223EV092-1 Catching Up With Jeanne
224EV092-2 Thule: Alter Of The Skies
225Riders Of The Light (3rd Climax Mix) - Amazing EP Solo Ver.
226EV093 Catching Up With Jeanne
227Red & Black / Bayonetta
228EV094 Aureole Appears
229Alpha Verse - Aureole Assault
230EV095 Angst Of The Beastman
231EV096 Dark Adam
232EV097 The Truth
233EV098 Sigurd's Plan
234EV099-1 The Portal Vanishes
235EV099-2 Luka's Awakening
236EV099-3 Words With Luka I
237EV099-4 Cheshire Gets Serious III
238EV100 Encounter With Singularity
239Singularity - Chaos
240EV101 Into Space
241Singularity - Balance
242Moonlight Ballad
243EV102 Umbran Witches
244Friendship / Bayonetta
245Singularity - Definition
246EV103 Phenomenal Uncertainty
247Theme Of Bayonetta - Mysterious Destiny / Bayonetta
248EV104-1 Speaking To Singularity I
249EV104-2 Speaking To Singularity II
250EV105-1 Viola In Peril
251EV105-2 Words With Luka II
252EV106 My Desire
253We Are As One
254EV107 In A Vanishing World
255Dark Eve
256EV108 The Final Lesson I
257EV109 The Final Lesson II
258Moonlight Serenade
259EV110 Epilogue
260Still In Progress
261Let's Dance Boys! (3rd Climax Mix)
262Best Memories
263GM03 Niflheim
264Riders Of The Light (3rd Climax Mix) - Wonderful B3 Solo Ver.
265Riders Of The Light (3rd Climax Mix) - Crazy Gt Solo Ver.
266The Giants (2nd Climax Ver.) / Bayonetta 2
267The Heavies / Bayonetta
268The Heavies (2nd Climax Ver.) / Bayonetta 2
269Valor - In Courage And Gallantry / Bayonetta 2
270Fortitudo - In Labors And Dangers / Bayonetta
271Alraune - Whisperer Of Insanity / Bayonetta 2
272The Infinite One

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