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Red Earth Original Soundtrack

Red Earth Original Soundtrack

ウォーザードオリジナル・サウンドトラック WAR-ZARD OST
Release DateDec 18, 1996
ArtistsTakayuki Iwai
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
GamesRed Earth
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Disc 1
Disc 2
1Into the Legendary Earth ~Those Who Are Consecrated for the Battle~ (Opening-Title)
2Military Gains (Ranking Display)
3Those Who Show the Way (Player Select)
4Faraway (Map Demo.1)
5No Way to Retreat (Map Demo.2)
6Tension (Next Enemy Demo)
7Quickening (Story Demo.1)
8Noble Sacred Beast (GREEDIA Stage)
9Karma (Story Demo.2)
10Omen (Story Demo.3)
11Ayakashi of a Foreign Land (ZIPANG Stage)
12Seething Strength (Level Up Demo)
13Wave Motion (Story Demo.4)
14A Sign (Story Demo.5)
15Avatar of Cruel Knowledge (ALANBIRD Stage)
16Trial One (Bonus Stage.1)
17Resolute (Story Demo.6)
18Icy Wicked Mind (ICELARN Stage)
19Relief (Story Demo.7)
20Attack (Story Demo.8)
21False Wings (GORA Stage)
22Truth (Story Demo.9)
23Evil God (Story Demo.10)
24Let Us Give Respectful Praise (CRYPT Stage)
25Trial Two (Bonus Stage.2)
26Pride (Story Demo.11)
27Dignity (Story Demo.12)
28Advent of the Supreme Ruler (DARMINOR Stage.1)
29Tragic (Story Demo.13)
30Fascination (Story Demo.14)
31Squirming Darkness (DARMINOR Stage.2)
32Fear (Story Demo.15)
33Fierce Battle With Chaos (DARMINOR Stage.3)
34Enemy's SE & Voice Section
35Bonus Track.1 (GIGI Original Track)
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