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Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet: The Definitive Soundtrack

Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet: The Definitive Soundtrack

: ポケットモンスター スカーレットオリジナル・サウンドトラック
Release DateNov 18, 2022
ArtistsEd Sheeran, Go Ichinose, Hiromitsu Maeba, Hitomi Sato, Junichi Masuda, Minako Adachi, Teruo Taniguchi, Toby Fox
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo Switch
GamesPokémon Scarlet and Violet
Avg. Rating: (5 by 3 users)
Ripped, Tagged, Edited, and Album Art by Zach "kirbyhammer7" B.


1Main Theme
2Getting Ready
3Welcome to the World of Pokémon
4The Vast Paldea Region ~ The Legendary Pokémon's Flight
5Cabo Poco (Indoors)
6Cabo Poco (Outdoors)
7Obtained a Key Item!
8Lively Starter Pokémon
9Nemona's Theme
10Battle! (Nemona)
11Poco Path
12Battle! (Wild Pokémon)
13Caught a Pokémon!
14Victory! (Wild Pokémon)
15The Legendary Pokémon's Strength
16Inlet Grotto
17Battle! (Wild Pokémon - Inlet Grotto)
18Houndoom Attacks!
19Arven's Theme
20Battle! (Arven)
21Obtained an Item!
22South Province (Walking)
23Battle! (Southern Pokémon)
24South Province (Riding)
25Obtained a TM!
26Battle! (Trainer)
27Victory! (Trainer)
28Level Up!
29Los Platos / Cortondo
30Pokémon Center
31Pokémon Healed!
32Happy Birthday from the Pokémon Center!
33Mystery Gift
34Hurry Along
36Mesagoza (Guitarist)
37Mesagoza (Riding)
38Team Star Appears!
39Battle! (Team Star)
40Naranja / Uva Academy ~ Your Room/Director's Office
41Professor Sada / Professor Turo
42Cassiopeia's Theme
43Good Night
44A New Chapter Begins! (Mission Start)
45East Province (Walking)
46Battle! (Eastern Pokémon)
47East Province (Riding)
48Taste Test
49Artazon / Zapapico
50Gym Lobby
51Gym Test
52Gym Test Complete!
53A Gym Leader Appears!
54Battle! (Gym Leader)
55Victory! (Gym Leader)
56Obtained a Badge!
57East Province (Area Three: Riding)
58Battle! (Titan Pokémon)
59The Titan's On the Move!
60Victory! (Titan Pokémon)
62Congratulations, Your Pokémon Evolved!
63Let's Make a Sandwich
64In the Cave with Arven
66Iono Zone
67Iono Zone ~ Let's Get Fired Up!
68Tagtree Thicket
69Clive's Theme
70Preparing for the Star Barrage
71Star Barrage!
72A Team Star Boss Appears!
73Battle! (Team Star Boss)
74Victory! (Team Star Boss)
75"A Year and a Half Ago" (Team Star Flashback)
76Battle! (Tera Raid)
77Victory! (Tera Raid)
78West Province (Walking)
79Battle! (Western Pokémon)
80West Province (Riding)
81Obtained a Berry!
82Medali / Porto Marinada
83Link Battle Start!
85Asado Desert (Walking)
86Asado Desert (Riding)
87Arven's True Desire
89Emotional Spectrum Practice (Alfornada Gym Test)
90A Friendly Encounter
91North Province (Walking)
92North Province (Riding)
93Battle! (Northern Pokémon)
94North Province (Area Two: Riding)
95Snow Slope Run (Glaseado Gym Test)
97Music Fest at Montenevera (Montenevera Gym Test)
98Throw Down with Ryme! ~ Rap Battle
99Casseroya Lake (Walking)
100Casseroya Lake (Riding)
101Emotion ~ An Old Friend
102Battle! (Director Clavell)
103Director Clavell's Secret
104Battle! (Cassiopeia)
105Cassiopeia's Resolve
106Team Star's Reunion
107Team Star's Decision
108Pokémon League ~ Champion Assessment Interview
109Pokémon League ~ Lobby
110Battle! (Elite Four)
111Battle! (Top Champion Geeta)
112Victory! (Top Champion Geeta)
113A New Champion is Born!
114Final Battle! (Nemona)
115Victory! (Nemona)
116A Chapter Closes! (Mission Complete)
117To the Great Crater of Paldea!
118Area Zero
119Battle! (Area Zero)
120A Hostile Reunion
121Battle! (Depths of Area Zero)
122"Please. Defeat Me."
123Battle! (Final Boss)
124Victory! (Final Boss)
125Who Are You, Really?
126The Paradise Protection Protocol Activates!
127Battle! (Paradise Protection Protocol) ~ Phase 1
128Battle! (Paradise Protection Protocol) ~ Phase 2
129"Farewell, My Free Adventurers!"
130Moving from the Past, Moving Towards the Future
131Taking the Long Road Home
133Battle! (Academy Ace Tournament)
134Battle! (Legendary Pokémon)

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