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NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... GAMERIP Soundtrack

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... GAMERIP Soundtrack

ニーア レプリカントver.1.22474487139... [GAME RIP] OST
Release DateAug 21, 2021
ArtistsKakeru Ishihama, Keigo Hoashi, Keiichi Okabe, Takafumi Nishimura
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
GamesNieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...
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Rip by: Yodragon


1Snow in Summer (Ambient)
2Snow in Summer (Orchestral Drums)
3Snow in Summer (Orchestral)
4Snow in Summer (Vocals + Ambient)
5Snow in Summer (Vocals + Orchestral Drums)
6Snow in Summer (Vocals + Orchestral)
7Snow in Summer (Vocals)
8Song of the Ancients (Ambient)
9Song of the Ancients (Orchestral + Ambient)
10Song of the Ancients (Orchestral)
11Song of the Ancients (Vocals + Ambient)
12Song of the Ancients (Vocals + Orchestral + Ambient)
13Song of the Ancients (Vocals + Orchestral)
14Song of the Ancients (Vocals Guitar + Ambient)
15Song of the Ancients (Vocals Guitar + Orchestral + Ambient)
16Song of the Ancients (Vocals Guitar + Orchestral)
17Song of the Ancients (Vocals Guitar)
18Song of the Ancients (Vocals)
19Song of the Ancients [Hollow Dreams]
20Song of the Ancients [Fate] (No Drums Intro)
21Song of the Ancients [Fate] (Special Soundtrack Version)
22Song of the Ancients [Fate]
23Hills of Radiant Winds (Drums)
24Hills of Radiant Winds (Full)
25Hills of Radiant Winds (Orchestral + Drums)
26Hills of Radiant Winds (Orchestral)
27Hills of Radiant Winds (Vocals + Drums)
28Hills of Radiant Winds (Vocals + Orchestral)
29Hills of Radiant Winds (Vocals)
30The Incomplete Stone (Drums)
31The Incomplete Stone (Full)
32The Incomplete Stone (Orchestral + Drums)
33The Incomplete Stone (Orchestral)
34The Incomplete Stone (Vocals Female + Drums)
35The Incomplete Stone (Vocals Female + Orchestral + Drums)
36The Incomplete Stone (Vocals Female + Orchestral)
37The Incomplete Stone (Vocals Female)
38The Incomplete Stone (Vocals Male + Drums)
39The Incomplete Stone (Vocals Male + Orchestral + Drums)
40The Incomplete Stone (Vocals Male + Orchestral)
41The Incomplete Stone (Vocals Male + Vocals Female + Drums)
42The Incomplete Stone (Vocals Male + Vocals Female + Orchestral)
43The Incomplete Stone (Vocals Male + Vocals Female)
44The Incomplete Stone (Vocals Male)
45Blu-bird (No Intro)
46Blu-bird (With Intro)
47Cold Steel Coffin (Drums)
48Cold Steel Coffin (Full)
49Cold Steel Coffin (Orchestral + Drums)
50Cold Steel Coffin (Orchestral + Piano + Drums)
51Cold Steel Coffin (Orchestral + Piano)
52Cold Steel Coffin (Orchestral)
53Cold Steel Coffin (Piano + Drums)
54Cold Steel Coffin (Piano)
55Cold Steel Coffin (Vocals + Drums)
56Cold Steel Coffin (Vocals + Orchestral + Drums)
57Cold Steel Coffin (Vocals + Orchestral + Piano)
58Cold Steel Coffin (Vocals + Orchestral)
59Cold Steel Coffin (Vocals + Piano + Drums)
60Cold Steel Coffin (Vocals + Piano)
61Cold Steel Coffin (Vocals)
62Grandma (Full)
63Grandma (Orchestral + Piano)
64Grandma (Orchestral)
65Grandma (Piano)
66Grandma (Vocals + Orchestral)
67Grandma (Vocals + Piano)
68Grandma (Vocals)
69Grandma [Reunion] (Full)
70Grandma [Reunion] (Orchestral)
71Grandma [Reunion] (Vocals)
72Kaine [Premonition]
73Kaine [Salvation]
74Kaine [Escape] (Drums)
75Kaine [Escape] (Full)
76Kaine [Escape] (Orchestral + Drums)
77Kaine [Escape] (Orchestral)
78Kaine [Escape] (Vocals + Drums)
79Kaine [Escape] (Vocals + Orchestral)
80Kaine [Escape] (Vocals)
81The Wretched Automatons (Drums)
82The Wretched Automatons (Full)
83The Wretched Automatons (Orchestral + Drums)
84The Wretched Automatons (Orchestral + Synth + Drums)
85The Wretched Automatons (Orchestral + Synth)
86The Wretched Automatons (Orchestral)
87The Wretched Automatons (Synth + Drums)
88The Wretched Automatons (Synth)
89The Wretched Automatons (Vocals + Drums)
90The Wretched Automatons (Vocals + Orchestral + Drums)
91The Wretched Automatons (Vocals + Orchestral + Synth)
92The Wretched Automatons (Vocals + Orchestral)
93The Wretched Automatons (Vocals + Synth + Drums))
94The Wretched Automatons (Vocals + Synth)
95The Wretched Automatons (Vocals)
96City of Commerce
97Repose (Full)
98Repose (Guitar)
99Repose (Orchestral + Guitar)
100Repose (Orchestral)
101Repose (Vocals + Guitar)
102Repose (Vocals + Orchestral)
103Repose (Vocals)
104Yonah (Piano)
105Yonah (Pluck)
106Dispossession (Music Box)
107Dispossession (Piano)
108Dispossession (Strings)
110His Dream
111This Dream
112The Lost Forest (Drums)
113The Lost Forest (Full)
114The Lost Forest (Orchestral)
115The Prestigious Mask
116Temple of the Drifting Sands (Drums)
117Temple of the Drifting Sands (Full)
118Temple of the Drifting Sands (Orchestral + Drums)
119Temple of the Drifting Sands (Orchestral)
120Temple of the Drifting Sands (Vocals 1 + Drums)
121Temple of the Drifting Sands (Vocals 1 + Orchestral + Drums)
122Temple of the Drifting Sands (Vocals 1 + Orchestral)
123Temple of the Drifting Sands (Vocals 1 + Vocals 2 + Drums)
124Temple of the Drifting Sands (Vocals 1 + Vocals 2 + Orchestral)
125Temple of the Drifting Sands (Vocals 1 + Vocals 2)
126Temple of the Drifting Sands (Vocals 1)
127Temple of the Drifting Sands (Vocals 2 + Drums)
128Temple of the Drifting Sands (Vocals 2 + Orchestral + Drums)
129Temple of the Drifting Sands (Vocals 2 + Orchestral)
130Temple of the Drifting Sands (Vocals 2)
131Gods Bound by Rules (Ambient + Drums)
132Gods Bound by Rules (Ambient)
133Gods Bound by Rules (Drums)
134Gods Bound by Rules (Full)
135Gods Bound by Rules (Orchestral + Ambient + Drums)
136Gods Bound by Rules (Orchestral + Ambient)
137Gods Bound by Rules (Orchestral + Drums)
138Gods Bound by Rules (Orchestral)
139Gods Bound by Rules (Vocals + Ambient + Drums)
140Gods Bound by Rules (Vocals + Ambient)
141Gods Bound by Rules (Vocals + Drums)
142Gods Bound by Rules (Vocals + Orchestral + Ambient)
143Gods Bound by Rules (Vocals + Orchestral + Drums)
144Gods Bound by Rules (Vocals + Orchestral)
145Gods Bound by Rules (Vocals)
146The Ultimate Weapon (Drums)
147The Ultimate Weapon (Full)
148The Ultimate Weapon (Orchestral + Drums)
149The Ultimate Weapon (Orchestral)
150The Ultimate Weapon (Vocals 1 + Drums)
151The Ultimate Weapon (Vocals 1 + Orchestral + Drums)
152The Ultimate Weapon (Vocals 1 + Orchestral)
153The Ultimate Weapon (Vocals 1 + Vocals 2 + Drums)
154The Ultimate Weapon (Vocals 1 + Vocals 2 + Orchestral)
155The Ultimate Weapon (Vocals 1 + Vocals 2)
156The Ultimate Weapon (Vocals 1)
157The Ultimate Weapon (Vocals 2 + Drums)
158The Ultimate Weapon (Vocals 2 + Orchestral + Drums)
159The Ultimate Weapon (Vocals 2 + Orchestral)
160The Ultimate Weapon (Vocals 2)
161Emil [Karma] (Drums)
162Emil [Karma] (Full)
163Emil [Karma] (Orchestral + Drums)
164Emil [Karma] (Orchestral + Piano + Drums)
165Emil [Karma] (Orchestral + Piano)
166Emil [Karma] (Orchestral)
167Emil [Karma] (Piano + Drums)
168Emil [Karma] (Piano)
169Emil [Karma] (Vocals + Drums)
170Emil [Karma] (Vocals + Orchestral + Drums)
171Emil [Karma] (Vocals + Orchestral + Piano)
172Emil [Karma] (Vocals + Orchestral)
173Emil [Karma] (Vocals + Piano + Drums)
174Emil [Karma] (Vocals + Piano)
175Emil [Karma] (Vocals)
176Emil [Sacrifice] (Full)
177Emil [Sacrifice] (Orchestral)
178Emil [Sacrifice] (Vocals)
179The Dark Colossus Destroys All (Drums)
180The Dark Colossus Destroys All (Full)
181The Dark Colossus Destroys All (Orchestral + Drums)
182The Dark Colossus Destroys All (Orchestral)
183The Dark Colossus Destroys All (Vocals + Drums)
184The Dark Colossus Destroys All (Vocals + Orchestral)
185The Dark Colossus Destroys All (Vocals)
186Deep Crimson Foe (Full)
187Deep Crimson Foe (Orchestral)
188Dance of the Evanescent (Crazy)
189Dance of the Evanescent (Normal)
190Shadowlord's Castle (Drums)
191Shadowlord's Castle (Full)
192Shadowlord's Castle (Orchestral + Drums)
193Shadowlord's Castle (Orchestral + Organ + Drums)
194Shadowlord's Castle (Orchestral + Organ)
195Shadowlord's Castle (Orchestral)
196Shadowlord's Castle (Organ + Drums)
197Shadowlord's Castle (Organ)
198Shadowlord's Castle (Vocals + Drums)
199Shadowlord's Castle (Vocals + Orchestral + Drums)
200Shadowlord's Castle (Vocals + Orchestral + Organ)
201Shadowlord's Castle (Vocals + Orchestral)
202Shadowlord's Castle (Vocals + Organ + Drums)
203Shadowlord's Castle (Vocals + Organ)
204Shadowlord's Castle (Vocals)
205Shadowlord [Phase 1] (Full)
206Shadowlord [Phase 1] (Music Box)
207Shadowlord [Phase 1] (Orchestral + Music Box)
208Shadowlord [Phase 1] (Orchestral + Organ + Music Box)
209Shadowlord [Phase 1] (Orchestral + Organ)
210Shadowlord [Phase 1] (Orchestral)
211Shadowlord [Phase 1] (Organ + Music Box)
212Shadowlord [Phase 1] (Organ)
213Shadowlord [Phase 1] (Vocals + Music Box)
214Shadowlord [Phase 1] (Vocals + Orchestral + Music Box)
215Shadowlord [Phase 1] (Vocals + Orchestral + Organ)
216Shadowlord [Phase 1] (Vocals + Orchestral)
217Shadowlord [Phase 1] (Vocals + Organ + Music Box)
218Shadowlord [Phase 1] (Vocals + Organ)
219Shadowlord [Phase 1] (Vocals)
220Shadowlord [Phase 2] (Full)
221Shadowlord [Phase 2] (Orchestral + Music Box)
222Shadowlord [Phase 2] (Orchestral + Organ + Music Box)
223Shadowlord [Phase 2] (Orchestral + Organ)
224Shadowlord [Phase 2] (Orchestral)
225Shadowlord [Phase 2] (Organ + Music Box)
226Shadowlord [Phase 2] (Organ)
227Shadowlord [Phase 2] (Vocals + Music Box)
228Shadowlord [Phase 2] (Vocals + Orchestral + Music Box)
229Shadowlord [Phase 2] (Vocals + Orchestral + Organ)
230Shadowlord [Phase 2] (Vocals + Orchestral)
231Shadowlord [Phase 2] (Vocals + Organ + Music Box)
232Shadowlord [Phase 2] (Vocals + Organ)
233Shadowlord [Phase 2] (Vocals)
234Shadowlord [Phase 3] (Drums)
235Shadowlord [Phase 3] (Full)
236Shadowlord [Phase 3] (Organ + Drums)
237Shadowlord [Phase 3] (Organ)
238Shadowlord [Phase 3] (Vocals + Drums)
239Shadowlord [Phase 3] (Vocals + Organ)
240Shadowlord [Phase 3] (Vocals)
241Ashes of Dreams (Music Box)
242Ashes of Dreams [Aratanaru] (Alternative Version)
243Ashes of Dreams [Naudhaich] (Alternative Version)
244Ashes of Dreams [New] (Alternative Version)
245Ashes of Dreams [New] (No Vocals Intro)
246Ashes of Dreams [Nouveau] (Alternative Version)
247Fleeting Words [Family] (Full)
248Fleeting Words [Family] (Orchestral)
249Fleeting Words [Family] (Vocals)
250Fleeting Words [Outsider] (Full)
251Fleeting Words [Outsider] (Orchestral)
252Fleeting Words [Outsider] (Vocals)
253Analagous Memories (Drums)
254Analagous Memories (Full)
255Analagous Memories (Orchestral + Drums)
256Analagous Memories (Orchestral + Piano + Drums)
257Analagous Memories (Orchestral + Piano)
258Analagous Memories (Orchestral)
259Analagous Memories (Piano + Drums)
260Analagous Memories (Piano)
261Analagous Memories (Vocals + Drums)
262Analagous Memories (Vocals + Orchestral + Drums)
263Analagous Memories (Vocals + Orchestral + Piano)
264Analagous Memories (Vocals + Orchestral)
265Analagous Memories (Vocals + Piano + Drums)
266Analagous Memories (Vocals + Piano)
267Analagous Memories (Vocals)
268Blu-bird - Hansel und Gretel
269Emil - Ultimate Weapon No.7
270Shadowlord - Crying Yonah Version
271Shadowlord's Castle - Iron Fist mix feat.DJ-BKO
272Song of the Ancients - Lost Androids Mixuxux
273MA Attract Gestalt
274MA Attract Replicant

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