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HarmoKnight Original Soundtrack

HarmoKnight Original Soundtrack

Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight GAMERIP OST リズムハンター ハーモナイトオリジナル・サウンドトラック
Release DateMar 28, 2013
ArtistsKiyohiro Sada, Kiyoto Ohtani, Minako Adachi, Nobuo Kiyota
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsNintendo 3DS
Avg. Rating: (5 by 1 users)
Tagged by: Ben S


1Title Screen
2Stage Selector
3Story Cutscene 1 - Welcome to Melodia
4Story Cutscene 2 - Meet Tappy
6Story Cutscene 3 - Meteoroid
7Tappy's in Trouble!
8Story Cutscene 4 -Tappy is Saved
9World Intro
10World 1 - Marching Hills
11A Bumpy Start
12Adventure Awaits!
13Growliks on the Prowl
14Spring in Your Step
16The Growliks Regroup
17Story Cutscene 5 - Gargan Appears
18Showdown with Growlord
19World 2 - Rock Range
20Cliff Diver
21Here Comes Dragnarock!
22Riding the Rails
23Dragnarock's Back!
24Rockin' Dragorn
25Buzzooka Brawl
26Story Cutscene 6 - Arriving at Symphony City
27Story Cutscene 7 - After the Princess was Kidnapped
28Symphony City
29World 3 - Calypso Beach
30Hideaway Beach
31Keep Up with Octarina
32Sinister Shore
33Dancing with Octarina
34Deadly Discorded
35World 4 - Showtime Island
36City Lights
37Clocktower Climb
38World 5 - Sleighbell Slopes
39A Frosty Reception
40A Horde of Howliks
41In a Spin
42Howlik Avalanche
43Warrior vs Winterwulf
44World 6 - Metal Mountains
45World 7 Intro
46World 7 - Baroque Volcano
47Scalling the Spirals
48Classikaos Strikes
49Crossing the Crator
50Classikaos Returns
51Story Cutscene 8 - Gargan Reappears
52The Final Fight (Without Volcano Noises)
53Story Cutscene 9 - Gargan is Defeated
54World 8 - Sky Roost
55Game Over
56Stage Clear
58The Gym (Pokemon GS)
59Route 26 (Pokemon GS)
60Your Bicycle - (Pokemon GS)
61Champion Battle! (Pokemon RB)
62Trainer Battle - (Pokemon BW)
63Unknown Cutscene 1 (Between 4 and 5)
64Unknown Cutscene 2 (Between 7 and 8)
65Unused Level Track (World 4, 5, or Symphony City)

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