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Crash Tag Team Racing Soundtrack

Crash Tag Team Racing Soundtrack

Crash Tag Team Racing GAMERIP OST
Release DateOct 19, 2005
ArtistsMarc Baril, Michael Neilson, Spiralmouth
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsNintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Xbox
GamesCrash Tag Team Racing
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1Title/Menu/Von Clutch's MotorWorld
2Mystery Island
3Tiki Turbo ~ Intro
4Tiki Turbo
5Tiki Turbo ~ Winning
6Tiki Turbo ~ Losing
7Tiki Turbo ~ Finish *1st Place*
8Tiki Turbo ~ Finish *2nd Place*
9Tiki Turbo ~ Finish *3rd Place*
10Tiki Turbo ~ Finish *4th-8th Place*
11Tiki Turbo - Challenge/Jungle Rumble
12Tiki Turbo (Full Medley)
13Pirates Of The Carburetor ~ Intro
14Pirates Of The Carburetor
15Pirates Of The Carburetor ~ Winning
16Pirates Of The Carburetor ~ Losing
17Pirates Of The Carburetor ~ Finish *1st Place*
18Pirates Of The Carburetor ~ Finish *2nd Place*
19Pirates Of The Carburetor ~ Finish *3rd Place*
20Pirates Of The Carburetor ~ Finish *4th-8th Place*
21Pirates Of The Carburetor - Challenge
22Pirates Of The Carburetor (Full Medley)
23Deep Sea Driving ~ Intro
24Deep Sea Driving
25Deep Sea Driving ~ Winning
26Deep Sea Driving ~ Losing
27Deep Sea Driving ~ Finish *1st Place*
28Deep Sea Driving ~ Finish *2nd Place*
29Deep Sea Driving ~ Finish *3rd Place*
30Deep Sea Driving ~ Finish *4th-8th Place*
31Deep Sea Driving - Challenge
32Deep Sea Driving (Full Medley)
33Happily Ever Faster
34Once Upon A Tire ~ Intro
35Once Upon A Tire
36Once Upon A Tire ~ Winning
37Once Upon A Tire ~ Losing
38Once Upon A Tire ~ Finish *1st Place*
39Once Upon A Tire ~ Finish *2nd Place*
40Once Upon A Tire ~ Finish *3rd Place*
41Once Upon A Tire ~ Finish *4th-8th Place*
42Once Upon A Tire - Challenge
43Once Upon A Tire (Full Medley)
44Track And The Beanstalk ~ Intro
45Track And The Beanstalk/Hardly Ever Land
46Track And The Beanstalk ~ Winning
47Track And The Beanstalk ~ Losing
48Track And The Beanstalk ~ Finish *1st Place*
49Track And The Beanstalk ~ Finish *2nd Place*
50Track And The Beanstalk ~ Finish *3rd Place*
51Track And The Beanstalk ~ Finish *4th-8th Place*
52Track And The Beanstalk - Challenge
53Track And The Beanstalk (Full Medley)
54Evilocity ~ Intro
56Evilocity ~ Winning
57Evilocity ~ Losing
58Evilocity ~ Finish *1st Place*
59Evilocity ~ Finish *2nd Place*
60Evilocity ~ Finish *3rd Place*
61Evilocity ~ Finish *4th-8th Place*
62Evilocity - Challenge
63Evilocity (Full Medley)
64Tyrannosaurus Wrecks
65Fossil Fuel Injection ~ Intro
66Fossil Fuel Injection
67Fossil Fuel Injection ~ Winning
68Fossil Fuel Injection ~ Losing
69Fossil Fuel Injection ~ Finish *1st Place*
70Fossil Fuel Injection ~ Finish *2nd Place*
71Fossil Fuel Injection ~ Finish *3rd Place*
72Fossil Fuel Injection ~ Finish *4th-8th Place*
73Fossil Fuel Injection - Challenge
74Fossil Fuel Injection (Full Medley)
75Labrea Car Pits ~ Intro
76Labrea Car Pits
77Labrea Car Pits ~ Winning
78Labrea Car Pits ~ Losing
79Labrea Car Pits ~ Finish *1st Place*
80Labrea Car Pits ~ Finish *2nd Place*
81Labrea Car Pits ~ Finish *3rd Place*
82Labrea Car Pits ~ Finish *4th-8th Place*
83Labrea Car Pits - Challenge/Extinction Party
84Labrea Car Pits (Full Medley)
85Tire & Ice ~ Intro
86Tire & Ice
87Tire & Ice ~ Winning
88Tire & Ice ~ Losing
89Tire & Ice ~ Finish *1st Place*
90Tire & Ice ~ Finish *2nd Place*
91Tire & Ice ~ Finish *3rd Place*
92Tire & Ice ~ Finish *4th-8th Place*
93Tire & Ice - Challenge
94Tire & Ice (Full Medley)
95Tomb Town
96Dead Heat ~ Intro
97Dead Heat
98Dead Heat ~ Winning
99Dead Heat ~ Losing
100Dead Heat ~ Finish *1st Place*
101Dead Heat ~ Finish *2nd Place*
102Dead Heat ~ Finish *3rd Place*
103Dead Heat ~ Finish *4th-8th Place*
104Dead Heat - Challenge
105Dead Heat (Full Medley)
106Crash Test Mummies ~ Intro
107Crash Test Mummies
108Crash Test Mummies ~ Winning
109Crash Test Mummies ~ Losing
110Crash Test Mummies ~ Finish *1st Place*
111Crash Test Mummies ~ Finish *2nd Place*
112Crash Test Mummies ~ Finish *3rd Place*
113Crash Test Mummies ~ Finish *4th-8th Place*
114Crash Test Mummies - Challenge
115Crash Test Mummies (Full Medley)
116Pyramid Pass ~ Intro
117Pyramid Pass
118Pyramid Pass ~ Winning
119Pyramid Pass ~ Losing
120Pyramid Pass ~ Finish *1st Place*
121Pyramid Pass ~ Finish *2nd Place*
122Pyramid Pass ~ Finish *3rd Place*
123Pyramid Pass ~ Finish *4th-8th Place*
124Pyramid Pass - Challenge
125Pyramid Pass (Full Medley)
126Astro Land
127Rings Of Uranus ~ Intro
128Rings Of Uranus/Space Stunts
129Rings Of Uranus ~ Winning
130Rings Of Uranus ~ Losing
131Rings Of Uranus ~ Finish *1st Place*
132Rings Of Uranus ~ Finish *2nd Place*
133Rings Of Uranus ~ Finish *3rd Place*
134Rings Of Uranus ~ Finish *4th-8th Place*
135Rings Of Uranus - Challenge
136Rings Of Uranus (Full Medley)
137Uranus' Mine ~ Intro
138Uranus' Mine
139Uranus' Mine ~ Winning
140Uranus' Mine ~ Losing
141Uranus' Mine ~ Finish *1st Place*
142Uranus' Mine ~ Finish *2nd Place*
143Uranus' Mine ~ Finish *3rd Place*
144Uranus' Mine ~ Finish *4th-8th Place*
145Uranus' Mine - Challenge
146Uranus' Mine (Full Medley)
147Craters On Uranus ~ Intro
148Craters On Uranus
149Craters On Uranus ~ Winning
150Craters On Uranus ~ Losing
151Craters On Uranus ~ Finish *1st Place*
152Craters On Uranus ~ Finish *2nd Place*
153Craters On Uranus ~ Finish *3rd Place*
154Craters On Uranus ~ Finish *4th-8th Place*
155Craters On Uranus - Challenge
156Craters On Uranus (Full Medley)
157Critter Crawler
158Critter Crawler/Von Clutch's Lanes/Astro Lanes ~ Result
159Von Clutch's Lanes/Astro Lanes
160Animal Farm Frenzy
161Animal Farm Frenzy ~ Result
162Dropped On Djinn
163Dropped On Djinn ~ Result
164Below The Briny
165Below The Briny ~ Result
166Mummy Mash
167Mummy Mash ~ Result
168Jellyfish Smack
169Jellyfish Smack ~ Result

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