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Earthbound Gamerip Soundtrack

Earthbound Gamerip Soundtrack

Mother 2: Gīgu no Gyakushu Gamerip OST MOTHER2ギーグの逆襲
Release DateAug 27, 1994
ArtistsHirokazu Tanaka, Keiichi Suzuki
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsSNES (Super Famicom)
GamesMother 2 / EarthBound
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1The Evil Giygas Attacks! (part 1)
2The Evil Giygas Attacks! (part 2)
3Title Screen
4Opening Credits
5Choose a File
6Your Name, Please
7Your Name, Please (Noiseless)
8Now, Let's Go!
9One Fateful Night...
10Unidentified Falling Object
11Rude Awakening
12Alien Invasion 1
13Alien Invasion 2
14Someone's Knocking at the Door
15What an Annoying Knock!
18A Good Buddy
19Buzz Buzz's Prophecy
20Onett Night 1
21Onett Night 2
22Onett Night 3
23Onett Buzz Buzz 1
24Onett Buzz Buzz 2
25Onett Buzz Buzz 3
26Otherworldly Foe
27Pokey's House
28Pokey's House (Buzz Buzz)
29Sunrise & Onett Theme
30Onett Theme
31What a Great Picture!
32Home Sweet Home
33Friendly Neighbors
34Buy Somethin' Will Ya!
35Enjoy Your Stay
36A Good Night's Rest
37Bed and Breakfast
39Oncoming Foe
41Battle Against a Weak Opponent
42Battle Against a Weird Opponent
43Battle Against a Mobile Opponent
44You Win!
45That Was Easy!
46You Gained a Level!
47Onett's Arcade
49Battle Against an Unsettling Opponent
50Dangerous Caves
51Sanctuary Guardian's Challenge
52Oncoming Boss
53Sanctuary Guardian
54A Bad Dream
55You Defeated the Boss!
56Welcome to Your Sanctuary
57Your Sanctuary ~ Giant Step
58Your Sanctuary ~ Lilliput Steps
59Your Sanctuary ~ Milky Well
60Your Sanctuary ~ Rainy Circle
61Your Sanctuary ~ Magnet Hill
62Your Sanctuary ~ Pink Cloud
63Your Sanctuary ~ Lumine Hall
64Your Sanctuary ~ Fire Spring
65A Flash of Memory
66Boy Meets Girl
67Apple Kid's Theme
68Ness' Bike
69Paula's Theme
70Peaceful Rest Valley
71Flowing Water
72Happy-Happy is Blue
73You've Got a New Friend!
74Dead-End Chaos Theatre
75Runaway Five ~ The Daily Show
76Runaway Five Left the Building!
77Runaway Five on the Move!
78Threed, Zombie Central
79Heartless Hotel
81In Winters, There is a Genius
83Winters White
84Winters Wake Up Call
85Tessie Has Been Sighted!
87Caverns of Winters
88Dr. Andonuts' Lab
89The Sky Runner
90Going Down!
91Rough Landing
92Escargo Express at Your Service!
93Zombie Paper
94Saturn Valley Caverns
95Hi Hi Hi
96Belch's Factory
97Battle Against Belch
98You've Come Far, Ness
99Threed, Free at Last
100Get on the Bus
101Super Dry Dance
102The Metropolis of Fourside
103Topolla Theatre, Home to the One & Only Venus
104Runaway Five's Final Performance
105Venus Live!
106Save the Miners!
107Boris' Cocktail
108Moonside Swing
109Bad Morning to You
110The Monkeys' Maze
111Runaway Five to the Rescue!
112Summers, Eternal Tourist Trap
113In Dalaam, There is a Warrior
114The Floating Kingdom of Dalaam
115Mu Training
116Pink Cloud Shrine
117Sailing to Scaraba
118The Voyage Continues
119Kraken of the Sea
121Morning in the Desert
122The Unforgiving Desert
124Inside the Dungeon
125Megaton Walk
126The Submarine
127The Deep Darkness
128The Tendas' Cave
129Battle Against a Machine
130Stonehenge Base Shuts Down
131Falling Underground!
132The Lost Underworld
133Lava Springs
134Sound Stone ~ Giant Step
135Sound Stone ~ Lilliput Steps
136Sound Stone ~ Milky Well
137Sound Stone ~ Rainy Circle
138Sound Stone ~ Magnet Hill
139Sound Stone ~ Pink Cloud
140Sound Stone ~ Lumine Hall
141Sound Stone ~ Fire Spring
142Sound Stone ~ No Sounds
143Sound Stone ~ Giant Step (Complete)
144Sound Stone ~ Lilliput Steps (Complete)
145Sound Stone ~ Milky Well (Complete)
146Sound Stone ~ Rainy Circle (Complete)
147Sound Stone ~ Magnet Hill (Complete)
148Sound Stone ~ Pink Cloud (Complete)
149Sound Stone ~ Lumine Hall (Complete)
150Sound Stone ~ Fire Spring (Complete)
151Sound Stone ~ No Sounds (Complete)
152Eight Melodies
153The Nightmare Begins...
154Welcome Home
155The Jolly Flying Man
156Deeper into Ness' Subconscious
157Sea of Eden
158The Power
159Ness Awakens from the Nightmare
161Phase Distorter Failed
162Phase Distorter Success
163The Cliff That Time Forgot
164The Place
165Giygas' Lair
166Giygas' Intro
167Pokey Means Business!
168Giygas Stirs
169Giygas' Intimidation
170Prayer for Safety
171Giygas is Wounded!
172Giygas is Fatally Wounded!
173Giygas Disintegrates
174Giygas' Static
175The Heroes Return (part 1)
176The Heroes Return (part 2)
177Because I Love You
178Good Friends, Bad Friends
179Smiles and Tears
180Hidden Track
181Unused Pokey Jingle
182Unknown Jingle 1
183Unknown Jingle 2
184Mysterious Crash
185Onett's Trumpet Player
186Key Item Fanfare
187Spell Learned
188Secret Passage
190Evil Mani Mani Statue
191Magic Butterfly
192Master of the Stars
193The Sphinx's Puzzle 1
194The Sphinx's Puzzle 2
195The Sphinx's Puzzle 3
196The Sphinx's Puzzle 4
197The Sphinx's Puzzle 5
198The Sphinx's Puzzle Solved!
200Teleportation End
201Buzz Buzz's Demise
202Mechanical Tinkering
205OK 'Ssuka?

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