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Sackboy: A Big Adventure Original Soundtrack

Sackboy: A Big Adventure Original Soundtrack

Release DateDec 11, 2020
Artists 2 Mello, Bikini Beach Band, Brian D'Oliveira, George King, Glen Brown, Jay Waters, Jim Fowler, Joe Thwaites, Lena Raine, Nick Foster, OPIUO, Tokyo Machine, Winifred Phillips
ClassificationGame Soundtrack
PlatformsPlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
GamesSackboy: A Big Adventure
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1Sackboy: A Big Adventure
2The Journey... Begins!
3Vex Theme
4Welcome to Loom / Vex Uproarious
6Once Upon a Time in the East
7My Name is Scarlet
8Snowballs, Please!
9Knitted Knights of the Imagisphere
10Move Your Feet
11The Joy of Vex
13Sackboy's Got the Right Stuffing
14Meet Mama Monkey
15Wild Safari
16Chutes You, Sir!
17In the Cradle of Supay
18El Salto del Sapo
19Just Can't Get Enough
20A Taste of the Uproar
21Ritmo del Catequil
22Sackboy Takes a Dive
23Bogoff's Emporium of Flotsam and Jetsam
24Waltz of the Bubbles
25Bogoff's Big Deal
26Moe Money, Moe Problems
27Material Girl
28A S-Troll Through the Art Galley
29Take On Me
30Shoo-Bee-Doo Hullabaloo
31Vex Victorious
32A Night at the Interstellar Junction
33Stutter Rut
34Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)
35Same Scrap, Different Waaaaaay...
36Clutch Rocket
37Vex Vainglorious
38Mind the Trap
39Stitches of Steel
40The Uproar
41House of Fun
42Steel Yourself
43The Final Showdown
44Vex Gets Sacked
45A Hero and a Friend
46The Gardens (Tokyo Machine Remix)
47Assault and Pepper
48Rated Zom for Mild In-Tents-ity

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