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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Soundtrack

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Soundtrack

ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 空の探検隊オリジナル・サウンドトラック
Release DateApr 18, 2009
ArtistsArata Iiyoshi, Hideki Sakamoto, Keisuke Ito, Ken-ichi Saito, Yoshihiro Maeda
ClassificationGame Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo DS
GamesPokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
Avg. Rating: (5 by 1 users)


1Pokémon Exploration Team Theme
2Top Menu Theme
3Welcome to the World of Pokémon!
4On the Beach at Dusk
5Beach Cave
6In the Depths of the Pit
7Title Theme
8Wigglytuff's Guild
9Guildmaster Wigglytuff
11Wigglytuff's Guild Remix
12Drenched Bluff
13Job Clear!
14Treasure Town
16Growing Anxiety
17Oh No!
18Mt. Bristle
19Boss Battle!
20Time Gear Remix
21The Gatekeepers
23I Saw Something Again...
24Waterfall Cave
25Kecleon's Shop
26Team Skull
27Spinda's Cafe
28Ludicolo Dance
29Apple Woods
30Craggy Coast
31Cave and Side Path
32Mt. Horn
33Foggy Forest
34Steam Cave
35Upper Steam Cave
36Amp Plains
37Far Amp Plains
38Monster House!
39Rising Fear
40Northern Desert
41Quicksand Cave
42Quicksand Pit
43Crystal Cave
44Crystal Crossing
45At the End of the Day
46In the Future
47Planet's Paralysis
48Chasm Cave
49Dark Hill
50Sealed Ruin
51Sealed Ruin Pit
52Dusk Forest
53Deep Dusk Forest
54The Power of Darkness
55Treeshroud Forest
56Brine Cave
57Lower Brine Cave
58Hidden Land
59Hidden Highland
60Battle against Dusknoir
61Time Gear
62Through the Sea of Time
63In the Hands of Fate
64Temporal Tower
65Temporal Spire
66Temporal Pinnacle
67Down a Dark Path
68Dialga's Fight to the Finish!
69Time Restored
70Don't Ever Forget...
71Have to Get Home
72Farther Away...
73A Wish for Peace
74Memories Returned
75Ending Theme Intro
76Ending Theme
77Epilogue Theme
78Mystifying Forest
79Do Your Best, as Always!
80Shaymin Village
81Sky Peak Forest
82Sky Peak Cave
83Sky Peak Prairie
84Sky Peak Coast
85Sky Peak Snowfield
86Sky Peak Final Pass
87Blizzard Island Rescue Team Medley
88Surrounded Sea
89Miracle Sea
90Aegis Cave
91Defy the Legends
92Concealed Ruins
93Mt. Travail
94In the Nightmare
95Palkia's Onslaught!
96Dark Crater
97Deep Dark Crater
98Random Dungeon Theme 1
99Random Dungeon Theme 2
100Random Dungeon Theme 3
101Marowak Dojo
102Pelipper Island
104Beyond the Dream
105Air of Unease
106Star Cave
107Deep Star Cave
108One for All, All for One!
109Murky Forest
110A Fun Exploration
111Fortune Ravine
112Fortune Ravine Depths
113It Can't Be...
114Defend Globe
115Defend Globe (Ending)
116Spring Cave
117Lower Spring Cave
118Spring Cave Depths
119Here Comes Team Charm!
120Southern Jungle
121Boulder Quarry
122Illusion Stone Chamber
123Limestone Cavern
124Deep Limestone Cavern
125Team Charm's Theme
126For a New Life
127Barren Valley
128Dark Wasteland
129Spacial Cliffs
130Dark Ice Mountain
131Living Spirit
132Icicle Forest
133Proud Accomplishment
134Vast Ice Mountain
135Vast Ice Mountain Peak
136In the Morning Sun
137A New World
138It's Not a Miracle
139Thoughts for Friends
140A Message on the Wind
141Life Goes On! (Ending)

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