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Grand Chase Complete Soundtrack

Grand Chase Complete Soundtrack

Release DateJul 7, 2016
Artists Ethan Meixsell, Jingle Punks, KOG
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
GamesGrand Chase
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1World Map (Bermesiah)
2World Map (Silver Land)
3World Map (Ellia)
4World Map (Alcubra)
5World Map (Xenia)
6World Map (Archimedia)
7World Map (île de Frost)
8Unknown Christmas Event
9World map (Champion Mode)
11Heart to Heart
12Big, Mean, and Scary
13Sanctum of Destruction (Dungeon)
14March On
15Pedro Versus the World
16Taking a Beating
17Game Startup
18Minigame: Serdin Balloon Popping (Slow)
19Minigame: Serdin Balloon Popping (Normal)
20Minigame: Serdin Balloon Popping (Fast)
21Minigame: Trial Forest Bomb Defusing (Slow)
22Minigame: Trial Forest Bomb Defusing (Normal)
23Minigame: Trial Forest Bomb Defusing (Fast)
24Minigame: Game Over
25Minigame: Game Over (New Record)
26Creature of Another World
27Hungry Pets' Revolt (Dungeon)
28Minigame: Rita's Christmas Party
29Unused (Was once Kamiki's Castle (Boss))
30Minigame: Aquatic Dodgeball
31Temple of Cuatal (Dungeon)
32Unused (Old Park Christmas theme)
34Battle of Honor
35Temple of Destruction (Boss)
36Altar of Judgment (Boss)
37Sanctum of Destruction (Boss)
38Fortress of Ascension (Boss)
39Victor's Fortress (Boss)
40The Crucible (Boss)
41Temple of Cuatal (Boss)
42Relics of Kounat (Dungeon)
43Arachne's Nest (Dungeon)
44Traitor's Art Room (Dungeon)
45Cursed Garden (Dungeon)
46Deserted Town (Dungeon)
48Thunder Hammer (Midboss)
49Hammer's Reach (Dungeon)
50Nightmare Circus (Dungeon)
51Nightmare Circus (Boss)
52Tower of Disappearance (Dungeon)
53The Crucible (Dungeon)
54Gaikoz's Castle (Dungeon)
55Monster Train 301 (Dungeon/Boss)
56Monster Train 301 (True Final Boss)
57Temple of Destruction (Dungeon)
58Altar of Judgment (Dungeon)
59Primeval Island (Dungeon)
60Zeruel (Dungeon)
61Zeruel (Boss)
62Zeruel Border (Dungeon)
63Zeruel Border (Boss)
64Kungji Village (Dungeon)
65Golbin Work Site (Dungeon)
66Dark Library (Dungeon)
67Forest of Life (Dungeon)
68Sands of Illusions (Dungeon)
69Moonlight Village (Dungeon/Boss)
70Moonlight Village (True Final Boss)
71Seth's Pyramid (Dungeon)
72Seth's Pyramid (Boss)
73Ra Canyon (Dungeon/Boss)
74Kounat's Collapse (Dungeon)
75Sanctum of Destruction (Dungeon)
76Contaminated Basement (Dungeon)
77Spectral Corridor (Dungeon)
78Under Hammer (Dungeon/Boss)
79Thunder Hammer after midboss (Dungeon)
80Underpass of Lost Hope (Dungeon)
82PvP (Map)
83Hell Bridge (Dungeon)
84PvP (Win)
85PvP (Lose)
86Practice Mode
88PvP Map (Castle)
89PvP Map (Christmas Babel)
91Hollow Echoes
92Gacha (Archery PvP Minigame)
93All Out War
95Dungeon Loading Screen
96Let's Do It!
97Trial Forest (Dungeon)
99A Hero's Trial
100Xenia Border
101World Map (Main)
102Park (Normal)
103Valstrath (Dungeon)
104Underpass of Lost Hope (Boss)
105The Whispering Woods (Dungeon)
106The Whispering Woods (Boss)
107Ruins of the Silver Knights (Dungeon)
108Ruins of the Silver Knights (Boss)
109Lake Aurora (Dungeon)
110Lake Aurora (Boss)
111The Wyrm's Maw (Dungeon)
113Park (Christmas)
114Trial Forest (Tosoone Version)
115Hope (Jazz Version)
116Hope (Ohgamja Version)
117Hope (Rock Version Instrumental)
118Hope (Rock Version)

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