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Far Cry 5 Original Game Soundtrack

Far Cry 5 Original Game Soundtrack

Release DateMar 27, 2018
ArtistsDan Romer
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
GamesFar Cry 5
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1Now That This Old World Is Ending
2Our Country Made a Promise
3You Cannot Trust a Liar
4Free of All Desire
5The Lights Will All Go Out
6The Shackles I Wore
7In The Forest Hides a Light
8The Devil's Friends Hide in the Dark
9Step into the Garden
10Their Thrones Become Electric Chairs
11They Won't Get Past the Gate
12When the Morning Light Shines In
13Come Wisdom and Come Fire
14In Holy Water There Can Be No Tears
15His Soul Was Free from Sin
16I Must Protect My Place
17See and Wait
18Can't Be Touched or Be Seen
19The Strong Don't Cry
20Safe and Sound
21My Soul Couldn't Laugh
22They Can Never Smoke Us Out
23The Time Has Come for Judgment
24My Heart Never Loved
25Bold and Brave
26They Finally Meet Their Fate
27As Long as We Can Fight
28If the Nightime Lasts Forever
29Take Heed Young Heathen
30The Blessing Just Takes Minutes
31A New One Begins
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