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Final Fantasy VII Remake SHINRA Tracks

Final Fantasy VII Remake SHINRA Tracks

ファイナルファンタジーVII リメイク 神羅 Tracks
Release DateOct 20, 2020
ArtistsAustin Wintory, Jesper Kyd, Tripod, William Henry Monk
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack, Vocal
PlatformsPlayStation 4
GamesFinal Fantasy VII Remake
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1Shinra's Theme
2Shinra Creed
3Maze of Scrap Metal
4Critical Shot
5The Turks' Theme
6The Turks: Reno
7The Shinra Building
8Operation: Save Aerith
9All Quiet at the Gates
10Hand Over Hand
11Scarlet's Theme
12Stewards of the Planet
13Corporate Archives
14Cultivating Madness
15Another Day at Shinra HQ
16The Turks' Theme - Office
17Infiltrating Shinra HQ
18The Drum
20Final Experiment
21Rufus Shinra
22The Arsenal
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