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Metal Slug Attack Original Soundtrack

Metal Slug Attack Original Soundtrack

Release DateNov 30, 2018
ArtistsSNK Sound Team
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsMobile Phone
GamesMetal Slug Attack
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1Main Theme from Metal Slug Attack (Title)
2Preparation (Main Menu)
3To the Front ("Attack!" Mode / World Map)
4Rescue ("P.O.W. Rescue" Mode)
5Another Story ("Another Story" Mode)
6Tactical Situation ("Battle" "Team Battle" "Online" Mode)
7Power ("Rank Match" Mode)
8Militancy (Guild Ops / "Snatch Wars" Theme)
9United Front (Extra Ops / "United Front" Theme)
10Together (Guild Ops / "Try Line" Theme)
11Regular Army Base (Story 1)
12Tension (Story 2)
13Rebel Army Base (Story 3)
14Invasion (Rebel Army Story Battle)
15Recollect (Story 4)
16Calm (Story 5)
17Ptolemaic Army Base (Story 6)
18Run Through -Msa Ver.- (Ptolemaic Army Story Battle)
19Never Despair (Story 7)
20Omen (Story 8)
21Space Army Base (Story 9)
22Welcome to Our Planet (Space Army Story Battle 1)
23A Song Learned from the Earthlings (Story 10)
24Mars March (Story 11)
25Mixed Space (Space Army Story Battle 2)
26Feel (Story 12)
27You Know What? (Story 13)
28Artificial Innocence (Story 14)
29Thought (Story 15)
30Each (Story 16)
31As One Pleases (Story 17)
32Ties (Story 18)
33Wild Land (Independent Army Story Battle 1)
34Reign (Story 19)
35Fated Enemy (Story 20)
36Cross Over (Independent Army Story Battle 2)
37To Tomorrow (Story 21)
38Nonsense (Story 22)
39Vacation (Story 23)
40The Night (Story 24)
41For You -Xmas Ver.- (Story 25)
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