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Pokémon Legends: Arceus - The Definitive Soundtrack

Pokémon Legends: Arceus - The Definitive Soundtrack

Release DateJan 28, 2022
ArtistsGo Ichinose, Hiromitsu Maeba, Hitomi Sato
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsNintendo Switch
GamesPokémon Legends: Arceus
Avg. Rating: (5 by 3 users)
Ripped, Tagged, Edited, and Album Art by Zach "Kirbyhammer7" B.


Disc 1
Disc 2
1Arceus' Voice
2Follow Arceus (Opening Cutscene)
3Professor Laventon's Theme
4A Chat with the Professor
5Jubilife Village (Beginning) ~ Medley
6Let's Take a Rest...
7Galaxy Expedition Team HQ
8Obtained a Pokemon!
9Battle! (Pokémon Wielder)
10Level Up!
11Obsidian Fieldlands 1
12Spotted! (Ver. 1)
13Battle! (Wild Pokémon)
14Caught a Pokémon!
15Obsidian Fieldlands 2
16Survey Results (Day)
17Rank Up!
18Field (Night)
19Spotted! (Alpha Pokémon)
20Battle! (Alpha Pokémon)
21Game Over
22A New Morning
24Battle! (Clan Warden)
25Celestica Flute
27The Heartwood
28Request Start!
29Field (Late Night)
30Survey Results (Night)
31Request Fulfilled!
32The Noble Pokémon's Domain
33Noble Kleavor Appears!
34Battle! (Noble Pokémon) ~ Medley
35Noble Pokémon Calmed!
36Obtained a Key Item!
37Conflict Resolved
38Evolution Available
40Congratulations, Your Pokémon Evolved!
42Irida's Theme
43Exploring a New Area
44Crimson Mirelands 1
45Clan Settlement
46Crimson Mirelands 2
47Noble Lilligant Appears!
48Jubilife Village (Middle) ~ Medley
49New Move Available!
50Moves Swapped!
51Irida's Flute
52Cobalt Coastlands 1
53Palina's Theme
54Cobalt Coastlands 2
55Spotted! (Ver. 2)
56Firespit Island
57Palina's Growlithe Evolves!
58Frenzied Arcanine
59Noble Arcanine Appears!
60Space-Time Distortion
61Exiting the Space-Time Distortion
62Coronet Highlands - Base
63Wayward Cave
64Noble Electrode Appears!
65Ingo's Theme
66Alabaster Icelands 1
67Celestica Flute (Ride Pokémon)
68Alabaster Icelands 2
69Spotted! (Ver. 3)
71Snowpoint Temple
72Noble Avalugg Appears!
74Escorted Out of Jubilife Village
75Disaster Looming
76Disaster Looming ~ Spotted!
77Disaster Looming ~ Battle!
78Cogita's Retreat
79Lake Cavern
80Coronet Highlands - Summit
81The Legendary Pokémon Appears!
82Battle! (Dialga / Palkia)
83The Other Legendary Appears!
84The Legendary's True Form Appears!
85Battle! (Dialga Origin Form / Palkia Origin Form)
86Using the Origin Ball
87Staff Credits
88Jubilife Village (Complete) ~ Medley
89Mystery Gift
90Battle! (Lake Guardians)
91Spotted! (Legendary Pokémon)
92Battle! (Legendary Pokémon)
93Clefairy's Dance at the Fabled Spring
94The Temple of Sinnoh
95Volo's Betrayal
96Battle! (Pokémon Wielder Volo)
97Giratina Appears!
98Battle! (Volo & Giratina)
99Battle! (Giratina)
100Azure Flute
101Hall of Origin
102Battle! (Arceus) ~ Medley
103Title Screen

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I don't think that tracklist is right xd