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Pikmin 2 Original Soundtrack (GAMERIP)

Pikmin 2 Original Soundtrack (GAMERIP)

Release DateJun 10, 2012
ArtistsHajime Wakai
ClassificationGame Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo GameCube, Nintendo Wii
GamesPikmin 2
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Rip by: slippyToad


1Channel Intro (WII)
2Pikmin Greet (GCN)
3Pikmin Greet (WII)
4Title Screen
5Title Screen (Extended)
6Game Demo (GCN)
7Game Demo (WII)
8Game Select
11Opening Cinema (GCN)
12Opening Cinema (WII)
13The Crash Landing
14Olimar Meets Pikmin Again
15Explaining Whistling
16Louie Awakens
17Louie Finds the Red Onion
18The First Pikmin Seeds
19Valley of Repose (Day 1)
20Find New Treasure
22Olimar and Louie Reunited
23Valley of Repose (Olimar)
24Valley of Repose (Louie)
25Valley of Repose (Olimar, Working)
26Valley of Repose (Louie, Working)
27Valley of Repose (Olimar, Carrying)
28Valley of Repose (Louie, Carrying)
29Treasure Get
30End of Day 1
31End of Day (Normal)
32Results of the Day
33Select Location
35Start of Day 2
36Valley of Repose (Olimar, Near Enemy)
37Valley of Repose (Louie, Near Enemy)
38Valley of Repose (Olimar, Battle)
39Valley of Repose (Louie, Battle)
40Valley of Repose (Olimar, Near Sundown)
41Valley of Repose (Louie, Near Sundown)
42Valley of Repose (Olimar, Near Sundown, Working)
43Valley of Repose (Louie, Near Sundown, Working)
44Valley of Repose (Olimar, Near Sundown, Carrying)
45Valley of Repose (Louie, Near Sundown, Carrying)
46Valley of Repose (Olimar, Near Sundown, Near Enemy)
47Valley of Repose (Louie, Near Sundown, Near Enemy)
48Valley of Repose (Olimar, Near Sundown, Battle)
49Valley of Repose (Louie, Near Sundown, Battle)
50Destroyed First Fence
51Something Peculiar
52Enter Cave
53Enter Cave Floor
54Entered Emergence Cave / Challenge Mode Introduction
55Emergence Cave (Olimar)
56Emergence Cave (Louie)
57Emergence Cave (Olimar, Near Enemy)
58Emergence Cave (Louie, Near Enemy)
59Emergence Cave (Olimar, Battle)
60Emergence Cave (Louie, Battle)
61Emergence Cave (Olimar, Carrying)
62Emergence Cave (Louie, Carrying)
63Enter Next Cave Floor
64Final Cave Floor
65Cold Chasm (Olimar)
66Cold Chasm (Louie)
67Cold Chasm (Olimar, Near Enemy)
68Cold Chasm (Louie, Near Enemy)
69Cold Chasm (Olimar, Battle)
70Cold Chasm (Louie, Battle)
71Discover New Pikmin Colour
72Cold Chasm (Olimar, Carrying)
73Cold Chasm (Louie, Carrying)
74Get Spherical Atlas Obtained, Get Five-man Napsack, Get Geographical Projection, Get First Spray
75Exit Cave
76Treasure Salvation Results
77Returned on the Surface
78Returned on the Surface (Extended)
79End of Day (Great)
80New World Unlocked
81Land In New Area
82Awakening Wood (Olimar)
83Awakening Wood (Louie)
84Awakening Wood (Olimar, Near Enemy)
85Awakening Wood (Louie, Near Enemy)
86Awakening Wood (Olimar, Battle)
87Awakening Wood (Louie, Battle)
88Awakening Wood (Olimar, Carrying)
89Awakening Wood (Louie, Carrying)
90X% Of Debt Paid
91Ultra Spicy Pikmin
92Awakening Woods (Olimar, Berry Flower)
93Awakening Woods (Louie, Berry Flower)
94Awakening Woods (Olimar, Working)
95Awakening Woods (Louie, Working)
96Pikmin Nectar
97Hole of Beasts (Olimar)
98Hole of Beasts (Louie)
99Hole of Beasts (Olimar, Battle)
100Hole of Beasts (Louie, Battle)
101Hole of Beasts (Olimar, Carrying)
102Hole of Beasts (Louie, Carrying)
103Rest Area
104Burnt Burrow (Olimar)
105Burnt Burrow (Louie)
106Burnt Burrow (Olimar, Carrying)
107Burnt Burrow (Louie, Carrying)
108Pikmin Are Suffering!
109Hot House (Olimar)
110Hot House (Louie)
111Hot House (Olimar, Near Enemy)
112Hot House (Louie, Near Enemy)
113Hot House (Olimar, Battle)
114Hot House (Louie, Battle)
115Hot House (Olimar, Carrying)
116Hot House (Louie, Carrying)
117Boss Theme
118Boss Theme (Boss About To Attack)
119Boss Theme (Boss Attacking)
120Boss Theme (No Intro)
121Boss Defeated
122Get Prototype Detector
123Awakening Wood (Olimar, Near Sundown)
124Awakening Wood (Louie, Near Sundown)
125Awakening Wood (Olimar, Near Sundown, Near Enemy)
126Awakening Wood (Louie, Near Sundown, Near Enemy)
127Awakening Wood (Olimar, Near Sundown, Battle)
128Awakening Wood (Louie, Near Sundown, Battle)
129Awakening Wood (Olimar, Near Sundown, Working)
130Awakening Wood (Louie, Near Sundown, Working)
131Awakening Wood (Olimar, Near Sundown, Carrying)
132Awakening Wood (Louie, Near Sundown, Carrying)
133Awakening Wood (Olimar, Near Sundown, Berry Flower)
134Awakening Wood (Louie, Near Sundown, Berry Flower)
135Complex Cavern (Olimar)
136Complex Cavern (Louie)
137Complex Cavern (Olimar, Battle)
138Complex Cavern (Louie, Battle)
139Complex Cavern (Olimar, Carrying)
140Complex Cavern (Louie, Carrying)
141Graphite Gulch (Olimar)
142Graphite Gulch (Louie)
143Graphite Gulch (Olimar, Carrying)
144Graphite Gulch (Louie, Carrying)
145Graphite Gulch (Olimar, Near Enemy)
146Graphite Gulch (Louie, Near Enemy)
147Graphite Gulch (Olimar, Battle)
148Graphite Gulch (Louie, Battle)
149Rest Area (Working or Carrying)
150Gassy Grotto (Olimar)
151Gassy Grotto (Louie)
152Gassy Grotto (Olimar, Working)
153Gassy Grotto (Louie, Working)
154Gassy Grotto (Olimar, Carrying)
155Gassy Grotto (Louie, Carrying)
156Boss Theme (Variation #1)
157Boss Theme (Variation #2)
158Boss Theme (Variation #3)
159Boss Theme (Variation #4)
160Boss Theme (Variation #5)
161Perplexing Pool (Olimar)
162Perplexing Pool (Louie)
163Perplexing Pool (Olimar, Near Enemy)
164Perplexing Pool (Louie, Near Enemy)
165Perplexing Pool (Olimar, Battle)
166Perplexing Pool (Louie, Battle)
167Perplexing Pool (Olimar, Working)
168Perplexing Pool (Louie, Working)
169Perplexing Pool (Olimar, Carrying)
170Perplexing Pool (Louie, Carrying)
171Perplexing Pool (Olimar, Berry Flower)
172Perplexing Pool (Louie, Berry Flower)
173Citadel of Spiders (Olimar)
174Citadel of Spiders (Louie)
175Citadel of Spiders (Olimar, Battle)
176Citadel of Spiders (Louie, Battle)
177Citadel of Spiders (Olimar, Carrying)
178Citadel of Spiders (Louie, Carrying)
179Burnt Burrow (Olimar, Near Enemy)
180Burnt Burrow (Louie, Near Enemy)
181Burnt Burrow (Olimar, Battle)
182Burnt Burrow (Louie, Battle)
183Burnt Burrow (Olimar, Working)
184Burnt Burrow (Louie, Working)
185Dweevil's Dugout (Olimar)
186Dweevil's Dugout (Louie)
187Dweevil's Dugout (Olimar, Near Enemy)
188Dweevil's Dugout (Louie, Near Enemy)
189Dweevil's Dugout (Olimar, Battle)
190Dweevil's Dugout (Louie, Battle)
191Dweevil's Dugout (Olimar, Working)
192Dweevil's Dugout (Louie, Working)
193Dweevil's Dugout (Olimar, Carrying)
194Dweevil's Dugout (Louie, Carrying)
195Red Chasm (Olimar)
196Red Chasm (Louie)
197Red Chasm (Olimar, Near Enemy)
198Red Chasm (Louie, Near Enemy)
199Red Chasm (Olimar, Battle)
200Red Chasm (Louie, Battle)
201Red Chasm (Olimar, Working)
202Red Chasm (Louie, Working)
203Red Chasm (Olimar, Carrying)
204Red Chasm (Louie, Carrying)
205Get 'the Key'
206Perplexing Pool (Olimar, Near Sundown)
207Perplexing Pool (Louie, Near Sundown)
208Perplexing Pool (Olimar, Near Sundown, Near Enemy)
209Perplexing Pool (Louie, Near Sundown, Near Enemy)
210Perplexing Pool (Olimar, Near Sundown, Battle)
211Perplexing Pool (Louie, Near Sundown, Battle)
212Perplexing Pool (Olimar, Near Sundown, Working)
213Perplexing Pool (Louie, Near Sundown, Working)
214Perplexing Pool (Olimar, Near Sundown, Carrying)
215Perplexing Pool (Louie, Near Sundown, Carrying)
216Perplexing Pool (Olimar, Near Sundown, Berry Flower)
217Perplexing Pool (Louie, Near Sundown, Berry Flower)
218Blue Pikmin
219Bulblax Kingdom (Olimar)
220Bulblax Kingdom (Louie)
221Bulblax Kingdom (Olimar, Near Enemy)
222Bulblax Kingdom (Louie, Near Enemy)
223Bulblax Kingdom (Olimar, Battle)
224Bulblax Kingdom (Louie, Battle)
225Bulblax Kingdom (Olimar, Carrying)
226Bulblax Kingdom (Louie, Carrying)
227Gassy Grotto (Olimar, Near Enemy)
228Gassy Grotto (Louie, Near Enemy)
229Gassy Grotto (Olimar, Battle)
230Gassy Grotto (Louie, Battle)
231Hole of Beasts (Olimar, Near Enemy)
232Hole of Beasts (Louie, Near Enemy)
233Bulblax Kingdom (Olimar, Working)
234Bulblax Kingdom (Louie, Working)
23550% of Debt Paid
236Snagret Hole (Olimar)
237Snagret Hole (Louie)
238Snagret Hole (Olimar, Near Enemy)
239Snagret Hole (Louie, Near Enemy)
240Snagret Hole (Olimar, Battle)
241Snagret Hole (Louie, Battle)
242Snagret Hole (Olimar, Carrying)
243Snagret Hole (Louie, Carrying)
244Green Yards (Olimar)
245Green Yards (Louie)
246Green Yards (Olimar, Near Enemy)
247Green Yards (Louie, Near Enemy)
248Green Yards (Olimar, Battle)
249Green Yards (Louie, Battle)
250Green Yards (Olimar, Carrying)
251Green Yards (Louie, Carrying)
252Snagret Hole (Olimar, Working)
253Snagret Hole (Louie, Working)
254Complex Cavern (Olimar, Near Enemy)
255Complex Cavern (Louie, Near Enemy)
256Subterranean Complex (Olimar)
257Subterranean Complex (Louie)
258Subterranean Complex (Olimar, Near Enemy)
259Subterranean Complex (Louie, Near Enemy)
260Subterranean Complex (Olimar, Battle)
261Subterranean Complex (Louie, Battle)
262Subterranean Complex (Olimar, Carrying)
263Subterranean Complex (Louie, Carrying)
264Cold Chasm (Olimar, Working)
265Cold Chasm (Louie, Working)
266Complex Cavern (Olimar, Working)
267Complex Cavern (Louie, Working)
268Frontier Cavern (Olimar)
269Frontier Cavern (Louie)
270Frontier Cavern (Olimar, Near Enemy)
271Frontier Cavern (Louie, Near Enemy)
272Frontier Cavern (Olimar, Battle)
273Frontier Cavern (Louie, Battle)
274Frontier Cavern (Olimar, Working)
275Frontier Cavern (Louie, Working)
276Frontier Cavern (Olimar, Carrying)
277Frontier Cavern (Louie, Carrying)
278Get Brute Knuckles
279Hole of Beasts (Olimar, Working)
280Hole of Beasts (Louie, Working)
281Shower Room (Olimar)
282Shower Room (Louie)
283Shower Room (Olimar, Near Enemy)
284Shower Room (Louie, Near Enemy)
285Shower Room (Olimar, Battle)
286Shower Room (Louie, Battle)
287Shower Room (Olimar, Carrying)
288Shower Room (Louie, Carrying)
289Jellyfloat Pool (Olimar)
290Jellyfloat Pool (Louie)
291Jellyfloat Pool (Olimar, Near Enemy)
292Jellyfloat Pool (Louie, Near Enemy)
293Jellyfloat Pool (Olimar, Battle)
294Jellyfloat Pool (Louie, Battle)
295Jellyfloat Pool (Olimar, Carrying)
296Jellyfloat Pool (Louie, Carrying)
297Jellyfloat Pool (Olimar, Working)
298Jellyfloat Pool (Louie, Working)
299Shower Room (Olimar, Working)
300Shower Room (Louie, Working)
301Get Boss Treasure
302Glutton's Kitchen (Olimar)
303Glutton's Kitchen (Louie)
304Glutton's Kitchen (Olimar, Near Enemy)
305Glutton's Kitchen (Louie, Near Enemy)
306Glutton's Kitchen (Olimar, Battle)
307Glutton's Kitchen (Louie, Battle)
308Glutton's Kitchen (Olimar, Carrying)
309Glutton's Kitchen (Louie, Carrying)
310Railroad Room (Olimar)
311Railroad Room (Louie)
312Railroad Room (Olimar, Near Enemy)
313Railroad Room (Louie, Near Enemy)
314Railroad Room (Olimar, Battle)
315Railroad Room (Louie, Battle)
316Railroad Room (Olimar, Carrying)
317Railroad Room (Louie, Carrying)
318Ramp Room (Olimar)
319Ramp Room (Louie)
320Ramp Room (Olimar, Near Enemy)
321Ramp Room (Louie, Near Enemy)
322Ramp Room (Olimar, Battle)
323Ramp Room (Louie, Battle)
324Ramp Room (Olimar, Carrying)
325Ramp Room (Louie, Carrying)
326Giant Breadbug (Olimar)
327Giant Breadbug (Louie)
328Giant Breadbug (Olimar, Near Enemy)
329Giant Breadbug (Louie, Near Enemy)
330Giant Breadbug (Olimar, Battle)
331Giant Breadbug (Louie, Battle)
332Giant Breadbug (Olimar, Carrying)
333Giant Breadbug (Louie, Carrying)
334Submerged Castle
335Waterwraith Appearance
336Waterwraith Attack
337Waterwraith Pathetic Escape
338Waterwraith Pathetic Escape (Variation)
339100% of Debt Recovered
340Debt Repayment Cinema (GCN)
341Debt Repayment Cinema (WII)
342Credits (GCN)
343Credits (WII)
344Number of Pikmin Lost
345Goal Completion Cinema (GCN)
346Goal Completion Cinema (WII)
347Wistful Wild (Olimar)
348Wistful Wild (Louie)
349Wistful Wild (Olimar, Near Enemy)
350Wistful Wild (Louie, Near Enemy)
351Wistful Wild (Olimar, Battle)
352Wistful Wild (Louie, Battle)
353Wistful Wild (Olimar, Working)
354Wistful Wild (Louie, Working)
355Wistful Wild (Olimar, Carrying)
356Wistful Wild (Louie, Carrying)
357Wistful Wild (Olimar, Berry Flower)
358Wistful Wild (Louie, Berry Flower)
359Wistful Wild (Olimar, Near Sundown)
360Wistful Wild (Louie, Near Sundown)
361Wistful Wild (Olimar, Near Sundown, Near Enemy)
362Wistful Wild (Louie, Near Sundown, Near Enemy)
363Wistful Wild (Olimar, Near Sundown, Battle)
364Wistful Wild (Louie, Near Sundown, Battle)
365Wistful Wild (Olimar, Near Sundown, Working)
366Wistful Wild (Louie, Near Sundown, Working)
367Wistful Wild (Olimar, Near Sundown, Carrying)
368Wistful Wild (Louie, Near Sundown, Carrying)
369Wistful Wild (Olimar, Near Sundown, Berry Flower)
370Wistful Wild (Louie, Near Sundown, Berry Flower)
371Mystic Marsh (Olimar)
372Mystic Marsh (Louie)
373Mystic Marsh (Olimar, Near Enemy)
374Mystic Marsh (Louie, Near Enemy)
375Mystic Marsh (Olimar, Battle)
376Mystic Marsh (Louie, Battle)
377Mystic Marsh (Olimar, Carrying)
378Mystic Marsh (Louie, Carrying)
379Mystic Marsh (Olimar, Working)
380Mystic Marsh (Louie, Working)
381Green Yards (Olimar, Working)
382Green Yards (Louie, Working)
383Citadel of Spiders (Olimar, Near Enemy)
384Citadel of Spiders (Louie, Near Enemy)
385Citadel of Spiders (Olimar, Working)
386Citadel of Spiders (Louie, Working)
387Titan Dweevil (4 Weapons)
388Titan Dweevil (Boss About To Attack)
389Titan Dweevil (Monster Pump Attack)
390Titan Dweevil (Shock Therapist Attack)
391Titan Dweevil (Flare Cannon Attack)
392Titan Dweevil (Comedy Bomb Attack)
393Titan Dweevil (3 Weapons)
394Titan Dweevil (2 Weapons)
395Titan Dweevil (1 Weapons)
396Titan Dweevil (No Weapons)
397Titan Dweevil (No Weapons, Boss Attack)
398Titan Dweevil Defeated
399Treasure Complete
400Treasure Completion Cinema (GCN)
401Treasure Completion Cinema (WII)
402Treasure Complete Results
403Player Down
404End of Day (Bad)
405Pikmin Extinction
406End of Day (Pikmin Extinction)
4072-Player Mode Battle Menu
4082-Player Mode Loading
4092-Player Mode Battle Start
4102-Player Mode
4112-Player Mode (Olimar Carrying Cherry)
4122-Player Mode (Louie Carrying Cherry)
4132-Player Mode (Pikmin Attack Player)
4142-Player Mode (Olimar One Marble Left)
4152-Player Mode (Louie One Marble Left)
416Olimar Wins
417Olimar Wins (Alternate)
418Louie Wins
419Louie Wins (Alternate)
420Marble Draw
421Olimar Down
422Louie Down
423Players Down Draw
424Olimar Pikmin Extinction
425Louie Pikmin Extinction
426Pikmin Extinction Draw
427Challenge Mode Menu
428Floor Intro (Challenge Mode)
429Challenge Mode Start
430Got Key
431Got Key (Carrying)
432Got Key (Working)
433Got Key (Near Enemy)
434Got Key (Battle)
435Time Up
436Captain Down (Challenge Mode)
437Pikmin Exctinction (Challenge Mode)
438Results (Challenge Mode)
439Pink Flower Get
440Hot House (Olimar, Working)
441Hot House (Louie, Working)
442Graphite Gulch (Olimar, Working)
443Graphite Gulch (Louie, Working)
444Secret Testing Range (Olimar)
445Secret Testing Range (Louie)
446Secret Testing Range (Olimar, Carrying)
447Secret Testing Range (Louie, Carrying)
448Secret Testing Range (Olimar, Battle)
449Secret Testing Range (Louie, Battle)
451Louie's Dark Secret (GCN)
452Louie's Dark Secret (WII)
453Olimar Wins (Unused)
454Louie Wins (Unused)
455Draw (Unused)
456Onion Boot (Unused)
457You're Fired! (Unused)
458Challenge Mode Return (Unused)
459Book (Unused)
460Camera (Unused)

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